Active Learning CEU



Today’s demands on learning outcomes are very different from the demands of 25, or even 10 years ago. The measurements and definitions of student success are shifting. Students value cooperation and consensus-building more than they did in the past. Innovative technologies offer new ways to learn. Knowing that active learning experiences can enhance student creativity, motivation, engagement and overall success, educators are thinking beyond static rows of chairs to serve the needs of all learners. However, environments designed for traditional, passive and outmoded teaching methods can hinder the adoption of active learning.

Inspired by ongoing research and insights, Steelcase Education researchers have devised a holistic approach that recognizes the interdependencies of pedagogy, technology and space. In this course, you will discover compelling research that demonstrates the benefits of active learning classrooms. You will also learn how to apply key design principles to create intentional spaces that can engage and inspire users, place control of learning and teaching in their hands, and provide tangible, successful results.

 Join us on our quest for improved learning as we build       environments together that provide instructors and learners   with the tools they need to succeed in the 21st century.