Since healthcare professionals rely on wireless technology to do their jobs, it’s important that office design for healthcare reflects those needs. Several problems in healthcare spaces can be solved with good office design.

ImageWorks Commercial Interiors + MBI has helped many healthcare clients find solutions for workspaces that allow for greater productivity and expansion. Healthcare providers need different types of spaces for maximum efficiency. Patient waiting areas, secretarial spaces, administrative offices and meeting rooms need to flow together seamlessly for optimum results.

Here are three examples of how we helped healthcare clients solve problems through office design:

Updating an Existing Building

Medtronic, a medical technology company based in Memphis, Tenn., experienced growth and built a new facility in their office park. Two of their existing buildings needed updated design that reflected their dedication to providing cutting-edge healthcare solutions.

Medtronic had a long-standing relationship with ImageWorks Commercial Interiors + MBI for furniture and design needs. The company turned to ImageWorks Commercial Interiors + MBI when they needed the update for their existing facilities.

ImageWorks Commercial Interiors + MBI handled all aspects of the renovation, including technology needs and design services. Wall coverings and carpeting were updated to reflect the company’s new focus. Medtronic’s office spaces were outfitted with adjustable workstations and mobile furniture to allow for growth and greater productivity as well as efficient workflow.

If your business has an existing space that needs updating, ImageWorks Commercial Interiors + MBI will help you create an office design for your healthcare spaces that reflects your brand, your vision and your commitment to offering state-of-the-art care.

Long Distance Solutions for healthcare spaces

Dr. Jessica Cox, an orthodontist located in Hernando, Miss., owns J. Cox Orthodontics. When she was in residency in St. Louis, Mo., she was preparing her healthcare office space in Mississippi. She consulted with ImageWorks Commercial Interiors + MBI for solutions on designing a space that reflected her personality.

Instead of driving long distances to consult on site, an ImageWorks Commercial Interiors + MBI designer met her in Jonesboro, Ark., for design selection. They worked together for the finishes, lighting, fabric, paint, décor and furniture.  An architect with ImageWorks Commercial Interiors + MBI also helped Dr. Cox finalize her office design. They sometimes communicated through overnight mail for efficient decision making.

Dr. Cox is pleased with the decision to place commercial-grade furniture in the highest trafficked areas, which will last a long time. She is also happy with ImageWorks Commercial Interiors + MBI’ commitment to install pieces that present a consistent look. Patients and customers offer frequent compliments on the office space, and Dr. Cox credits ImageWorks Commercial Interiors + MBI for their excellent design capabilities.

Multi-Use Spaces

Charles Retina Institute, located in Germantown, Tenn., is a world leader in retinal care. In the fall of 2015, the Institute relocated into a new facility. When they were in the design stages, they expressed a need for a different type of waiting area. They wanted a healthcare office space which offered patients and families privacy while also enabling their technology use.

At the same time, flexibility was a priority. The waiting area furniture needed to transition for after-hours physician meetings and seminars. Other furnishings in office spaces and conference rooms needed to match the overall design.

ImageWorks Commercial Interiors + MBI used contemporary design, mobile units, and plug-in stations to accommodate the clients’ requests. The three owners all have differing tastes, but ImageWorks Commercial Interiors + MBI was able to provide the healthcare office space that pleased all of them as well as their patients and families.

ImageWorks Commercial Interiors + MBI will provide for the unique needs of office design in your healthcare spaces. We understand that face-to-face interaction is important in healthcare workplaces, along with teamwork and communication. We put the details together to form the best solution for our clients.