In order to successfully and comfortably focus on getting work completed, you want the best of the best. Steelcase’s has an ingenious answer to an organization or university’s typical lounge chair. The Brody Worklounge, is guaranteed to increase work output. The Brody Worklounge provides workers and students with ergonomic support. It also features unique characteristics that traditional lounge areas don’t.

Are your employees or students easily distracted? Are you ready to reinvent your real estate? Take advantage of your unused or underutilized space! The Brody Worklounge takes the underutilized areas and transforms them into coveted work havens. Organizations and universities can maximize their valuable space by providing a highly-efficient workspace that has a beautiful design.

Enhancing Space and Productivity

The Brody Worklounge’s vital construction offers solutions to common distractions. Many of these distractions are caused by open spaces and impractical lounge-style furniture. Impeccably designed to keep you cozy while helping you focus. The Brody Worklounge features include:

  • Shelter from distractions
  • Comfort and privacy
  • LiveLumbar technology (for a fitting posture)
  • Electrical outlets
  • Lighting
  • Supportive surfaces
  • Adjustable workstation (reduces neck and shoulder strain)
  • Space optimization (they’re movable)

Avoid Distractions With The Brody Worklounge

The ability to focus is becoming more difficult for today’s workers and students. The number of distractions around us is increasing. so the desire to uncover a way to focus our attention is a priority.

Wide-open spaces in many universities and organizations offer little control over distractions by the many activities around. The Brody Worklounge offers a modern design that understands the need to block out distractions with a practical approach.

The Brody Worklounge enables people to feel secure. A private sanctuary fashioned with productivity and comfort in mind. Say “goodbye” to distractions and “hello” elevated output. Typical lounge areas fail to meet many needs, which including comfort. The Brody Worklounge provides answers with efficient, functional features, and a unique design.

Increase your organization’s performance by adding a thoughtfully designed Brody Worklounge to your workspace today.  See the design story and logic behind the Brody Worklounge here:

Are you interested to take the leap towards heightened productivity? Contact us today! We look forward to helping you redesign your workplace. Share your thoughts about the Brody Worklounge from Steelcase in the comments section below!