Running a business is hard work, but there is some amazing collaboration technology that makes work a little easier, or at least more productive! This technology helps to make the work days run more effectively, and it also helps employees to unlock their full workplace potential.

Smart and Connected workplaces are becoming more common as the demand for technology increases. Business can take place in an office setting or be comprised of a virtual team. These platforms are adaptable to any preferred setup, streamlining the workplace and allowing employees to work more closely together.

Teamwork is Dreamwork with Collaboration Technology

Teamwork is the key to a successful business. Getting every employee on the same page and connected to each project can be challenging. Once a team forms and effectively collaborates together, ideas and projects come together with greater ease. Steelcase has done some research into workplaces and have found that:

  • only 54% of office space is used throughout the day
  • over 37% of employees are not engaged at work

While effective teams make for more effective output, technology has advanced to allow better use of time and effort. Using data collectively can bring a better understanding of how business flows, what your employee output is on various projects, and so much more! Bringing teams cutting edge technology will increase the effectiveness of their end results, and your organization.

Management Made Easy

Today’s world runs on analytics and numbers. Tangible proof is needed in order to move forward. With collaboration technology you can turn your office into a smart and connected workplace, making data easier to understand and follow while improving productivity. The collective measurement of all data helps to promote a smarter work environment.

Benefits of a Smart and Connected Workplace

Easy to follow data, and more cohesive systems are some of the benefits of a smart workplace. With better collaboration technology, you can track your team and your projects from the idea, all the way to the final result. Use MediaScape or Virtual Puck to streamline ideas and efforts while employees connect and collaborate.

Building a smart and connected workplace also offers many benefits outside of team collaboration. These include:

  • tracking occupancy and space use across an entire floor plan to improve space effectiveness and employee satisfaction
  • secure data storage on the Steelcase cloud platform powered by Microsoft Azure
  • space consulting with Steelcase to go beyond “what” the data says to “why” and “what to do”
  • digital asset management and tracking

Bring Smart and Connected Technology Onboard

Streamlining a business has never been easier! This demo shows just how how much collaboration technology can expedite project management. From small businesses to large corporations, a smart and connected workplace is the right choice. Call us and request a free quote today!