According to a study published in HBR, 60 percent of employees report that having control over their work environment leads to happier workplace satisfaction. When you create social and lounge spaces in your office design, you can easily give your employees the freedom to move and work in a fluid space. Using Little Rock office furniture to put together a social space in your office doesn’t have to be hard. Below are a few of our tips and tricks on how to create a social space in your office for happier employees.

Focus on Putting Employee Well Being First

A social space in your office should be a reserved place where employees can go to rejuvenate, refocus and of course, socialize. When designing a social zone, it’s important to consider your employees’ well being into the design. Things like choosing calming colors, incorporating plants and nature, and utilizing comfortable ergonomic furniture are all great ways to put employee well being first.

Creating a Productive Environment with Your Social Space

Implementing a social space into your office design is not just about giving your employees an area to hang out. It’s about creating a productive environment where your employees can have stimulating conversations, innovate via collaboration, relax, and focus. Studies have shown that productive employees take frequent breaks, take the time to get up and walk around, and most importantly know how to enjoy themselves at the workplace. Creating a social space in your office is a great way to incorporate all the makings of a productive environment.

Use Little Rock Office Furniture to Complete the Design

The physical creation of a social space entails carving out a place that you can transform into a dedicated lounge area. Once you’ve found the right location, the most important part of creating your social space is filling it with the perfect Little Rock office furniture like couches, lounge chairs, tables, and storage space.

Here are some great piece of furniture that can be easily incorporated into a social space:

  • The Sieste Sleeper for a comfortable seating option that can accommodate multiple people.
  • The Avon Table for a traditional accent piece to liven up any social space.
  • The Denizen Storage Tower for a unique and functional storage space solution.

No matter what type of Little Rock office furniture you decide to use in your social space design, creating lounge type spaces in your office is the perfect way to boost your employees’ happiness levels. When employees feel like they have more control and freedom over how they utilize their work environment, they show an increase in productivity and overall work satisfaction. And designing a social space is the perfect way to do just that!

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