At MBI, we understand the need for effective health spaces. That’s why we’ve put our commercial interiors to good use and created health space solutions to meet the needs of doctors, patients, and their families.

Healthcare is a rapidly changing industry that can make it hard for clinics and offices to keep up with the latest trends in commercial interiors and comfortability. Together with Steelcase Health, we strive to create comforting, supporting, and warm commercial interiors for effective health spaces. Read below to learn more about the specific health spaces we work to create.

Clinician WorkSpaces

In the modern healthcare space, clinicians do more than just care for patients. They wear many different hats and need a space where they can effectively do their work. Whether it’s a collaborative space, a focus space, or a rest space, our commercial interiors accommodate all of the stages of a clinician’s busy work schedule. We know that when a clinician is well rested and productive, their patients are happy and well taken care of.

Patient Rooms

The unique thing about a patient room is it’s the common space where patients, their family members, and clinicians all come together to collaborate and discuss. A patient room should be one that is warm and inviting, providing the necessary support while still giving clinicians the tools they need to do their jobs effectively. Finding the right balance between creating a comforting space for patients and family members and enhancing the patient’s experience is what MBI strives to achieve with our commercial interiors.

Oncology Spaces

With the right commercial interiors, oncology spaces can be transformed from a one-size-fits-all approach to an individualized ecosystem that accounts for different needs and preferences. Whether it’s private treatment areas or communal spaces that foster friendship and connections, our commercial interiors strive to humanize oncology spaces and provide patients with the support and comfort they need.

Waiting Places

Whether it’s in clinics or hospitals, patients, and their families often find themselves waiting either to speak to a clinician, receive a diagnosis or hear updates on their progress. The right type of waiting place can make the word of difference in easing anxieties and making a difficult process easier. Commercial interiors that create useful and comfortable waiting places can allow patients and their families to do more, whether it’s rest, read a book, or connect with each other.

At MBI, creating effective health spaces is important to us. We strive to use our commercial interiors to craft individualized and supportive health space solutions that benefit everybody involved. Whether it’s more effective workplaces for clinicians, comfortable treatment areas for patients, or relaxing waiting rooms for families, every little detail matters.