Design is becoming a well-known indicator in workplace success and our design services can help get you there. Catalogs of studies connect workplace environment to productivity and employee retention. New York Times article, “Rethinking the Work-Life Equation,” explains that several companies today are recognizing the importance of workplace environment. They are beginning to understand the effects it has on morale and employee’s sense of control over the way they move in their office spaces and accomplish tasks. So what about our design services and why do you need them?

You may not know how quality design affects daily production until you walk into an updated and beautiful space. Popular home improvement shows rely on the same premise: transformations that go from lackluster to inspiring. An office transformation works in the same way. After you invest in yourself and re-imagine your space, everyone will notice the difference.

Great design promotes relaxation and motivation! When you’re at ease in an environment and feel in control over your surroundings you gain confidence. Confidence is a necessary ingredient for success. Here are some important factors to consider when utilizing our design services.


It’s important for employees to feel valued and inspired. Clean and up-to-date design has a major impact on making that happen. Having the proper workspaces is vital. An aesthetically pleasing environment makes your workforce feel like an equal partner in the success of your business. Investment in design services will yield a workspace that makes employees feel comfortable and at ease. They will take pride in their positions and become motivated by their purpose and stake in the company.

The way your office is designed is a reflection of how you run your business. Presentation is everything and if your space is polished and on trend your clients are more likely to equate those same traits to you and your company. You work hard to be on the cutting edge of your field–shouldn’t your business spaces reflect that drive?

Don’t forget that you’re worth it! Running a business takes sacrifice. Often times, while putting other people and initiatives first you take a back seat. A well-designed office offers the right flow for productivity, storage, and structure for organization. You’ll feel more relaxed and in control as well. These changes will demonstrate that you too are current and ahead of the curve. Better focus yields greater results and accomplishments.


We know how busy you are. Remodeling projects can be overwhelming. There are so many questions to ask along the way. This is why utilizing professional design services is so important. You’re the expert in your field and we are the experts in ours. You can connect with design professionals who make it their purpose to customize a space to your specific needs. They will narrow down choices and make the process seamless.

You can have as much or as little input as you want in the process of using design services. Offer ideas on how you imagine your space and our professionals can tailor to your specifications. Or, let the designer take control and make the decisions from basic guidelines you set forth. They are readily at your side to address any questions or concerns.

The scope of a design project depends on your business needs. Make simple updates or do a complete remodel. Our design services are ready to take on any scope of project. You can break your updates into stages. Try starting with simple changes. Minimal yet impactful alterations can easily be identified and executed in a short amount of time. You can work up to other modifications as you learn more about the options available to you.


Here are just a few of the services that we offer. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

Asset Management & Storage–Furniture storage and asset management services designed for your needs.

Move Management–When it comes to moving and delivery we are on time, on budget, minimize risk and damage, and work around your continued office operations.

Project Management–Our project managers will work with you through the entire process from consulting and design services to project management and installation.

Space Planning— We provide a full range of services needed to install and re-configure an existing office space.


Planning Ideas–We study and classify arrangement to develop a benchmark and profile for your business.

3D Models/CAD–We utilize a menu of 3D mockups to show you virtual customized options.

Revit–We take you through the selection process using product categories such as desks and tables, seating, and storage.

Images–Review our collection of images that show spaces and a variety of orientations that have been designed with multiple workspace solutions in mind.

Documents–Our extensive catalog of documents offers archives of product evaluations and more.

Surface Materials–Discover palettes of color that best support different interactions within work spaces.