A busy office creates a lot of buzz, but that’s not always a good thing. Noise pollution affects productivity and stress levels in your workplace environment, and it can even compromise your security and client confidentiality. Acoustical solutions help your office get back on track by bringing down the noise level. But, just what solution do you need? That all depends on what your space is designed to do. Let’s explore some options for cleaning up noise pollution around the workplace.

Architectural Solutions

There are many ways to restructure your space with architectural solutions that are easily installed. Create quiet spaces with privacy walls where people can work away from the noise. There are even options to use V.I.A technology to build ideal rooms for collaboration. Not only are they quiet, they’re equipped with the digital resources your team needs so they can work together.

If you’re trying to figure out how to create privacy in a busy waiting room, use architectural panels and walls to divide the space. Enclosing the reception desk with the right architecture will prevent clients from overhearing phone conversations. Space division is a great way to make sure your private conversations stay private, even if they have to happen in a busy room.This increases your overall professionality, and it will increase the overall security of your office.

Sound Masking Systems are the Simplest Acoustical Solution

It seems strange, but making more noise can actually solve your noise problems! A sound masking system generates soothing noises that mask distracting background chatter. These small speakers are embedded into the wall or ceiling of a space, and they can often be matched to the decor so they are less obvious.

This is a perfect acoustical solution if you want something simple. If you already have established meeting spaces, try out something like the QT pro or Sonet QT. These allow you to bring the focus back to work without putting up any walls.

These are excellent to use at a reception desk, in meeting rooms, or anywhere you cannot put up walls. It is an especially useful acoustical solution for areas where hearing is essential, but noise levels are high.

Use Large Furniture and Storage Objects for Extra Soundproofing

If you don’t want to spend money on acoustical solutions, try re-arranging large furniture around the office first. Place it against the outside walls of your main conference rooms. Filing cabinets are excellent for this because they are full of sound-absorbing paper. This will not reduce the overall noise in your office, but it will make your conference rooms a quieter environment.

A noisy environment is distracting, stressful, and leaves a person feeling like they have no privacy. That’s not how you want your waiting room or office to feel, for your employees or your clients. Acoustical solutions improve the overall function of your workspace, and choosing the right solution for your space is important. Request a quote to get help with this today, and you’ll be working quietly again in no time.