Working through the office crazy can be overwhelming at times. The  B-Free collection allows small areas to be set aside, to enable better concentration and collaboration. Office areas are not stationary places. Items need to move. Every now and then, shifting furniture around can lead to higher functionality.

The B-Free pieces can be placed and moved as needed. Gone are the days of having pieces stationary. Having the freedom to move these items around is freeing. One location might work better than others. But then as office dynamics change, so too does the need to set up new areas.

Collaborate With B-Free

These pieces are complementary to each other, and can easily meld into any office setting. Inspiring and convenient coves where teamwork can thrive. There are many pieces in the B-Free collection, and each can be mixed and matched to best fit your desired purpose. These spaces can be either informal or formal. Promote teamwork and watch employees thrive as they naturally come together. Either work together or work privately, with the comfort from the B-Free collection.

The collection includes:

  • Corner table
  • Coffee table
  • Cube
  • Lounge
  • Screen
  • High Table

Collaboration is important in any setting, and allowing employees ways to collaborate easier is essential. The B-Free collection encourages and promotes both collaborative and productive output. Each piece is intentionally put together with ideal comfort and accessibility in mind. Your workspaces can really shine with this collection playing a role.

Connect and Innovate With Other Employees

While collaboration is essential, so is connecting with each other. A quick conversation and a little light-hearted banter can break up a work day. Connect over reports, upcoming deadlines, and new projects. Be able to talk through feelings that are overwhelming, or discuss upcoming events is more informative when away from the desk area. The casual seating from the B-Free collection, as well as the accompanying tables,  create a calming and empowering environment.

Whether you are working alone, or want to add additional employees into the mix, Steelcase shares with us that this “modular and flexible design allows for spaces that support both individual and group work.”

Innovation can happen anywhere. But in order to get it to fully bloom, encourage the interactions. Collaboration and connection go hand in hand with innovation. Having causal and open places which encourage less formal discussions and debates are vital. To allow your creativity to fully flourish, these inspirational places are vital. Easily access and use your technological pieces in these areas! From your personal bags to laptops, there is a place for everything.

View more about the B-Free collection here: 

We know that you will love the B-Free collection as much as we do! Check out the website and learn more about the collection, and give us a call. Or, just contact us and we can share with you all the fabulous information for the B-Free collection. We look forward to getting you moving on the path to bringing this collection into your workspace today!