Having a flexible workspace solution means you have created an office environment that is non-traditional and allows your team to work from alternate locations. As you read through this blog post, you will learn different ways you can create a flexible workspace for your organization. By creating these types of workspaces, it also enhances the co-working experience.

According to Entrepreneur.com,

Larger corporations are increasingly making use of co-working. Gone are the days of co-working spaces filled with companies you have never heard of. Corporations have been finding value in co-working spaces for different reasons, including improving recruitment efforts, lowering real estate costs, gaining flexibility and boosting employee satisfaction.

Let’s take a look at flexible workspace solutions.

We will explore different types of flexible workspace solutions which can help you create an innovative office environment. Each of the solutions can be found as a Solution option on our website.

Collaborative Cubicles

This solution is for a team in which team members can have their own area while at the same time, the workspace also allows for times when the team needs to be collaborative. We have examples of our Collaborative Spaces which can help you visualize how these workspaces can fit into your office environment. Even though cubicles have been standard, many companies are choosing to create open areas with movable cubicle furniture. The furniture can be configured as single spaces or as a collaborative space.

Individual Focus Spaces

So your team might need individual focus spaces where someone can get away and concentrate as a flexible workspace solution. We understand this need and have developed the perfect solution for you. We consider these Focus Spaces, and they give you that special time when you need to get away from everything so you can center your attention on getting work done.

Workcafe for Social Environments

For this option, your team may need an environment in which they can be social with each other. This type of environment would be a flexible workspace solution which is an open area and used as a gathering space. Maybe you have a break room or an eating area you need to have designed, then you will love our Workcafes which can encourage your team to communicate more.

Final Flexible Workspace Solution Tips

Regardless of the type of workspace you go with, it’s essential that you make sure it’s a perfect fit for your office environment. Do your research, poll your staff, figure out what will work. Then take a look at the options we offer for a flexible workspace solution.