The new office renaissance has given a little bit of new life to many workspaces. These inspirational spaces are breathing a little fresh air into busy work areas. We have shared in the past how many workplaces are undergoing some changes, and this is no different! The atmosphere in offices is becoming more modern, allowing for various shifts and ideas to take hold.

Discover New Inspirational Spaces

Steelcase continues to be at the front of the line when it comes to creating and collaborating on new ideas. With inspiration happening all the time, there is never a shortage of ideas. These projects are quickly becoming popular in offices among employees. But, you might be asking, why add an inspirational space?

The answer is simple, for inspiration! There are times throughout the day when one might need to take a break and let an idea blossom. Inspirational spaces are more than think tanks. They are a place to sit and take a break — a spot to get some work done while feeling as though one is in a private area. From preparing briefs, filling out charts, or working on an important project, these areas offer a little respite from the busy that usually happens in an office.

There are some fabulous choices which can help build these creative areas. Currently, there are quite a few options, so it might seem hard to choose one! Whatever your company needs are, Steelcase has three different types to choose from: Focus Spaces, Collaboration Spaces, and Social Spaces.

Focus Spaces

These set-ups are designed for a single individual to gather their thoughts or gain a little solitude while working. Additionally, they are perfect for two people to work on a project collectively.

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Collaboration Spaces

Specifically created for the express purpose of allowing bigger groups to work together with ease. These spaces are perfect for teams. Let the collaborating begin!

Social Spaces

Everyone enjoys a short break with coworkers, in a comfortable setting. However, this is also ideal to use in areas to meet with clients, visiting management, and more!

Motivate with Inspirational Spaces

Are you ready to join the office renaissance? Give us a call today and let us help you revolutionize your office. Our support team is standing by to assist you with any questions you might have. There are two convenient locations where you can stop by and see first hand some of the fantastic products we carry. In addition to the showrooms, you can also check out our website and contact us there.