Turning your office into a resilient workplace can have many benefits for you and your employees. Resilient workplaces are offices that focus on employee well-being, engagement, and happiness. They take into account the entirety of the office experience, from the work environment to the office culture. If you’re looking for a great way to boost employee engagement and give your office a makeover, keep reading to learn how to turn your office into a Resilient Workplace.

What is a Resilient Workplace?

A Resilient Workplace is an ecosystem of different work environments designed to evolve and adapt to employees’ needs over time. By putting the employee and their needs first when it comes to creating a work environment, Resilient Workplaces foster higher levels of employee engagement. And more employee engagement means higher quality work and a boost in productivity for you and your business.

Steelcase has created the idea of Resilient Workplaces that revolve around two different design principles: employee well-being and the ecosystem of spaces. This means that every Resilient Workplace considers employees needs to care for their personal well-being as well as options for unique work environments tailored to the individual.

The Resilient Workplace & Employee Engagement

In a study done by Steelcase exploring the relationship between the work environment and employee engagement, reports found that employees who had higher workplace satisfaction and felt like they were in control of their work environment were the ones who showed the highest levels of engagement. That’s why Resilient Workplaces strive to create a work environment highly tailored to meet employees’ needs, whether that’s collaboration, solitude, comfort, well being, or personalization.

Creating a Resilient Workplace in Your Office

Creating a Resilient Workplace in your office isn’t as hard as it sounds. All it takes is a little insight into what your employees need to do their best work and some determination to put together a work environment that fosters engagement. Below are some tips on how you can create a Resilient Workplace in your own office.

  • Incorporate Ergonomic Office Furniture: A great way to ensure your employees are healthy and comfortable at the workplace is to implement ergonomic furniture in your office design. Whether it’s an ergonomic chair or desk, your employees will be sure to thank you for creating a comfortable space to work in.
  • Create Functional Spaces: When you’re designing your Resilient Workplace, it’s important to remember to create functional spaces. This means incorporating spaces for a wide range of uses in your office like a focus space where employees can be alone and rejuvenate, and a collaboration space where they can come together and innovate.
  • Emphasize Employee Well Being: Resilient Workplaces are all about emphasizing employee well being to create an environment that fosters engagement and productivity. One way you can do this in your office is by incorporating lounge and social spaces where employees can take a break and socialize with coworkers throughout the day.

Taking the time to create a Resilient Workplace in your office environment can help boost your employee engagement and productivity. By paying attention to little details like employee comfort and well being, it’s not hard to raise your employees workplace satisfaction rate and let them know that you care. With these easy to follow tips, creating a Resilient Workplace has never been easier.

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