Over the past several months we have seen more of a push for employee wellbeing in the workplace. Everything that we do each day plays into this. Employers are inspecting each and every aspect of their workplaces, to include the office furniture. When it comes to ensuring that employees are getting the best, then you need to check out the Migration Desk.

Many adults spend most of their day sitting, as they are stationed in front of a computer. However, with the Migration Desk, they can alternate their time between standing and sitting. This can help break the monotony of the day, as well as help to keep the blood flow moving properly.

Migration Desk Promotes Health

Sitting down for long periods of time is very detrimental to your health overall. When you are not moving consistently, there are several things that can happen. Tight muscles, lethargic tendencies are just a few of the issues that one can face when sitting for long periods of time.

What if your desk could respond to your needs? Break the normal routine! The Migration Desk can raise or lower at the push of a button. Stretch your legs, get some movement in, and keep productivity at an all-time high.

Too much repetition can cause some anxious feelings to set in. Keep the office moving and in a healthy frame of mind with desks that can keep their bodies moving from time to time. By keeping mindsets on a positive note, then productivity remains at high.

Get To Know the Migration Desk

There are many perks about the Migration Desk that we want to share with you. We could honestly sit here and go on for hours about the benefits of the desk, but we will let the facts speak for themselves.

  • Adjust the desk as needed – there are multiple settings so the desk can be put to the ideal setting for the user. No more trying to work on pre-programmed settings. Put the desk exactly where you want it.
  • Simple and unique design – a very streamlined and basic design, the Migration Desk allows for greater ease of movement without cumbersome pieces.
  • Raising and lower the desk allows for collaboration – If you are wanting to work with a colleague, easily raise the desk to allow easier space sharing. If you are working solo, you can use the desk in either position, as your posture and energy required.
  • Relieves feeling of stress and anxietyfight against the sedentary lifestyle with the desk that helps to keep your body and mind actively engaged at work.

Rejuvenate The Office Now

Are you intrigued by this fabulous desk yet? Here at Steelcase, we are standing by to answer your questions. We have two convenient locations that you can visit, or you can contact us by requesting a quote on our website. We can answer any questions that you might have. Our fabulous staff is standing by to help you with anything that you might need. From corporate offices to education, and medical facilities – we can assist you! Give us a call today and learn more about the Migration Desk!