Kevin Yates, our VP of Sales talks about business in Memphis

There is lots of excitement and energy in Memphis. The investment in new business and development is creating a post pandemic buzz. Governor Lee is focused on West Tennessee. Blue Oval City and the Ford electric truck manufacturing facility promise to bring jobs and opportunities like we haven’t seen in a while. The Pinch and Snuff district is an example of the reinvestment in our downtown area and the amazing architecture and design featured there. Black Lens Production is the second largest black owned movie studio that recently made its home in Memphis. It’s great to be at the epicenter of all this activity.  

MBI (Memphis Business Interiors)  has been around for decades and has enjoyed a great legacy. ImageWorks based out of Little Rock has been our parent company for several years, but we officially adopted the ImageWorks brand earlier this year. Our Memphis team is energized around the ImageWorks  brand and what that means for our company as a whole with four locations and a fifth coming this summer. We believe in the power of place. Our commitment to clients and partners is  synonymous with our brand—our mission remains to help people do their best work by creating innovative solutions for engaging environments.  We are sharing the latest research on the hybrid workplace with our  existing clients to support their desire for a full transition back to the office. Workers want to keep some of the benefits they experienced working from home as they return to the office. Employers want to preserve culture and in-person collaboration that leads to innovation. We are building those bridges through leveraging our knowledge about how space can influence behavior and productivity. Our designers have supported the efforts of the architectural and design community with live design sessions for their clients.    

Aside from our corporate clients, we have seen an evolution in the requirements in the world of education. Both public and private institutions are asking for new and innovative ways of making space a catalyst for learning. Built in flexibility is of keen interest. Many of the traditional approaches used for decades are giving way to active learning where more intimate study and practice venues benefit both faculty and students in their group and individual work.  

We are adding to our staff to keep up with the growth in our market. It’s a perfect time to be in Memphis.