Taggart’s new office in North Little Rock opened in February of 2020. It was a “special journey” due mainly to several false starts beginning in 2012. Relocating downtown was always the goal. Properties became available, Taggart would design or renovate a building with the intention of occupying a floor, yet other companies and organizations with priority would claim the space. This happened twice. The third time was the charm, and today Taggart is in a new building directly across from the plaza they designed. There is a sentimental side of the story for Bill Gray, Taggart’s CEO. “I grew up here and have fond memories. Unfortunately, over the years, our downtown area lost its luster. Today it is vibrant. You have Simmons Bank Arena and Dickey Stevens Park as sports and entertainment destinations. Main Street in between…it’s completely changed. The momentum is palpable. And we are right in the middle of it.”

Meredith describes Taggart’s intent for the new space. “It was an opportunity to create a beautiful aesthetic representing our brand and vision for the firm. A more modern vibe, open and bright to foster higher engagement. But it also had to function for our everyday needs, particularly integrating technology.” ImageWorks was hired for their design capabilities, product and service offering and an in-house technology expert in A/V and technology. “We’ve done so many projects with Lucy Beth Owen and ImageWorks. We trust them. They lower my blood pressure because I know whatever happens will be taken care of.” Meredith calls ImageWorks’ installation crew as her “unsung heroes.” “On move in day, there was a deluge of rain. They couldn’t park on the trolley lines in front of our building. I was worried about damage to all that furniture. They put down protection and corner guards and beach towels everywhere. At the end of the day—not one single ding from moving crew. I was so impressed.”