Background and experience:

With over 20 years’ experience in contract furniture, wiring, cabling and A/V, Harold brings a unique perspective on the integration and function of both. He emphasizes his role adds the most value in the design phase of a project. “One of the most avoidable mistakes people make is building the space, ordering furniture and then wondering what to do about technology. We absolutely can retrofit technology after the installation is complete, but it is always a more expensive proposition.” Bottom line: it’s best to involve Harold early in the conversation to sidestep any pitfalls—regardless of the brand or type of furniture you choose.


Harold is CTS—a Certified Technology Specialist. This credential comes from an organization named AVIXA who sets the standards on A/V equipment installation and trains on best standards. This is an elite distinction. A little-known fact, Harold is published in the International Journal of Optical Engineering. He also earned a DSCE digital signage certification as an expert certified in installing digital signage displays, in lighting, presenting on screen and messaging. Video wall technology versus standard panels are gaining momentum when developing informational displays in a working environment.

Final Word

I am the technology consultant for ImageWorks. I’m here to make your final space look like a picture instead of a nightmare. While it’s best to contact me early in the process, I can come any time. I can work with any furniture brand, but you should consider ImageWorks. We are a single source. Think about your remote control at home. You have a TV, Blue ray, audio or sound bar—all different components, but when you press the button, you turn on the receiver, cable box, channel key, volume, guide—all the functions in one device. That’s ImageWorks. We control the larger part of what is going on. Furniture. Walls. Technology. Moving. Cleaning…the whole picture. Our cohesive team will make it all happen for you.  And I’ll make sure it looks just like the rendering.”