ImageWorks VP of Design


Keeley is our VP of Design and has worked with ImageWork’s CEO, Rhonda Bradley for over 23 years. Her role includes managing a team of in-house designers across the enterprise, meetings with clients and key influencers, and planning and managing our 5 showroom locations.  Meet Keeley…

Keeley on her team: “I’m so proud to lead a team of such talented designers. They are application specialists and product experts who do a terrific job supporting our friends in the design community. We earn that trust within our network every day and never take their confidence in us for granted. Success to me is watching my team and our clients create something special that makes everyone proud.”

Keeley on LIVE design: “One of the most powerful tools we have is LIVE design. We meet with clients and their firms and translate design ideas onto paper in real time. This helps the end user visualize the final product and make decisions about the space. It shortens the process, demonstrates options, estimates a budget and shows what is possible in a given floor plan. Ultimately, it tickles the imagination and manages everyone’s expectations.”

Keeley on key market trends 2022: “Trends now are predicated on getting people back to the office post-pandemic. Workers are looking for workspaces offering more separation without sacrificing innovation. Many spaces are now designed to be multi-purpose with built in flexibility giving the employee control over their environment. Various amenities never considered before around comfort, safety and wellbeing are common. Planning for different levels of privacy is a big criterion, too.”

Keeley on her trip to Neocon and what products inspired her: “Neocon had such a high-pitched vibe this year after the pandemic hiatus. I loved the pergola enclosed space by Formaspace that can be used outside or inside to create an oasis and destination…a respite from sitting in front of a computer but still a place to get some work done. I liked the idea of rockers—Coalesse’s Montara is one– within a lounge setting to give people ability to move while working or meeting. Orange box’s Air pods or QT booths are beautiful, efficient and offer superior sound control and options for small meeting spaces or singular spaces for personal phone calls or conference calls.”

Keeley on the new “pop up” showroom in NWA: “Everyone in facilities and design should see this. It is a showcase for the most innovative and thought-provoking settings that give literal expression to all Steelcase’s global research on the office of the future. Research brought to life in 3D featuring Steelcase and many of their design partners. Ours is one of only 5 locations so far in North America and located in Rogers, Arkansas. The technology is intuitive and state of the art, the settings are flexible, some indoor/outdoor. It’s a small but powerful showroom that demonstrates ways in which companies can “earn the commute” with their workers. It was a thrill being part of planning and launching the space.”