Unity Health Cancer and Childcare

Unity Health, Taggart and the staff at ImageWorks have enjoyed a close business relationship since 1995. Their mutual respect has carried them through millions of dollars of construction and hundreds of deadlines, schedules, and budgets.

When Unity’s Cancer center in Searcy, Arkansas began to run out of space and expand into the current childcare building, Taggart and ImageWorks were hired to reimagine a stand-alone daycare that would serve their healthcare professionals often working 12-hour shifts. The intention was to create an inspiring space for the children, a first-class amenity for the parents, and a tool for Unity Health to attract and retain the best and brightest talent. Jacob Seither, Project Architect and Meredith Davies, Interior Designer seized the opportunity.

According to Meredith, Unity is inclined to invest in better quality furniture, fixtures, and equipment to ensure long term performance. “They have a well-run facilities department with high standards. They expect a lot from our design team, but they take care of what we help them create. We wanted to push the envelope and really give them something special.” Meredith credits Jacob with the harmony of the overall design. “There is a powerful cohesiveness from the architecture to the interior to the furniture…not one gap in the concept.” Meredith worked closely with ImageWorks on the furniture. “ImageWorks has expertise in both educational and healthcare environments and they were able to meet the performance needs and the short timeline on this project.”