ImageWorks Commercial Interiors is proud to announce our newest Workplace Applications Consultant—Elisha Cantrell.

Elisha’s education and experience uniquely qualifies her as a workplace subject matter expert. After earning a design degree from the University of Arkansas Fay Jones School of Architecture, she worked as an interior design with architectural firms and furniture dealers prior to her most recent position at Modus Studio where she created furniture packages for key clients.

Elisha’s primary responsibility at ImageWorks will be to develop relationships with the growing community of A&D firms and end users in Northwest Arkansas. Elisha is confident this is a perfect fit because her philosophy is that to help others lead, you have to be the leader. That’s why she chose ImageWorks. “Being part of a winning team drives me. I know the challenges I faced as a designer, making the FFE proposals cohesive. ImageWorks offers a significant package of products, tools and services to support the design community and now I can play the role of advocate.”

Elisha describes herself as enthusiastic, competitive, energetic, and “loud”. She finds her inspiration in other’s accomplishments. Also, in watching a space come together and seeing how end users respond. She cites Josh Siebert, partner at Modus Studio as her mentor, who consistently made sure every team member and their clients were set up for success. “That’s how you blossom and make a difference. I want to live like that.”

How will she measure her success in her new position?  “By meeting team goals and watching seeds grow as we explore new opportunities together. I want to build long lasting relationships with our key influencers and clients. I challenge myself each day to overcome obstacles and push further.  I cannot wait to be part of this team at ImageWorks where environments are created for clients that will stimulate and motivate people to do their best work.”