Over 10% of Americans are now working remotely, meaning they are no longer tied to a physical office or are away from the central location of a team. Though remote work is known widely to promote productivity and happiness, it can also mean a myriad of other things as well. So if you or any of your team work completely remote, or work away from your central office part of the time, this in-depth look into remote working is for you.

What does Remote Working mean?

Remote work is the essence of working away from the central location of a team or company. This means collaborating in virtual processes rather than physical ones. All of the physical work bonding and working mean different processes when working virtually, but all have the same points to follow.

Keeping In Tune and In Sync

While workers are remote, you don’t want to fall into the realm of miscommunication. These factors to keeping your communication tuned and in sync are designed to increase the bond in working.

  • Team discussions: Keeping your discussions clear and simple, while taking advantage of chat tools to keep the flow of productivity going without interrupting people in their moments of work.
  • Polling: Hosting polls and other ways of measuring your team’s schedules, happiness, and tools. Polls help to keep managers informed in how tools and processing are working to get work done in ways that are beneficial for employees.
  • Sync Meetings: Video conferencing allows for planning meetings to sync up, and allow for that important face time. This helps to further the bond you have, as well as offer that clear communication that is lost in other text-based discussions.

Most importantly than all of these factors of discussions and meetings, remove mundane tasks that are normally used in a physical setting. Damping processes for remote workers include things like email that can suck away other important elements.

Unique Scheduling

Remote workers have stated it easier to craft relationships and grow as professionals and personal advantages while having flexible schedules. Give emphasis on your remote worker’s schedules to help them grow and get work done as needed by them, apart from your sync meetings and discussions as a business.

Company Retreats

Host some scheduled retreats for your workers that are not based centrally. Bringing your entire company together is a great way to bond your whole company together, and create an even better community behind your company.

Getaways and retreats aren’t likely to be held often, be even an annual event is sure to be beneficial and leaving workers energized and motivated to get back to work together.