There’s a lot of tasks on a to-do list when the goal behind it all is team building. When there’s a team, that team is always made up of different people. While different people mean different skills, not all of those people can instantly work together and have a perfect collaboration.

Here are some tips and guidelines that can help in the process of team building and lay foundations that will help your teams collaborate in a more value driven approach that is both efficient and organized.

Get Your Team Together Beyond Work

It’s always tough settingĀ aside valuable time off work to get your team out and plan a time of socializing outside of regular projects – but it’s a helpful part of building your team’s chemistry.

To start your team building on outings beyond work, try hosting some happy hours, going out for coffee, attending a personally rewarding conference, or even a small catered lunch party.

Get Moving and Get Outside

Mixing teamwork, exercise, and the great outdoors is helpful on more than just team building. Getting outdoors helps lift the spirits and absorb stress-melting sun as well as throwing in the bonding of sport-based games.

These kinds of activities also build upon exercise and well-being outside of work for employees, which helps promote a positive culture within the company.

Go Out and Get Hunting

Scavenger hunting that is. Planning or participating in a scavenger hunt type event is a great way to get teams working together as well as people within your team getting to know others they don’t already know so well.

In larger cities, there are often community-based, or city-wide scavenger hunts planned a few times a year, get creative by hosting your own, or try a team outing to the always ready game of Geocaching.

Get Creative and Use Resources

Being creative with all your events and taking advantage of all the available resources will help get the most out of any event.

Have an aspiring chef on your team that can’t wait to test out that mouth-watering delicious Italian recipe you’ve heard about? Know of a pleasantly affordable vacation house in the suburbs that’s for rent? Book the house, invite your team chef to whip out his tongs and have a valuable team bond. Be creative and use all available resources – especially your team itself!

Get Help From Your Team

Who knows your team better than your actual team? By involving everyone in the decision process will help them decide on team building activities they enjoy as well as targeting the most beneficial of those events.

Delegating event and activity choices to your staff also act as a team building event on its own, by deciding and planning an event together. Not to mention, getting help from your team means fewer resources used for one person to do all the work.

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