Room partitions are more sophisticated and optically appealing than typical cubicles. Having a room partition gives you the look and feel of a real wall, without the need for heavy construction.

One of the beneficial reasons in choosing room partitions is the low cost incorporated with the transformation. Room partitions transform spaces for a fraction of the price associated with heavy construction. Our room partitions are visually appealing, practical, and affordable choice.

Revamping Your Work Stations

Steelcase offers five different collections of room partitions. This gives you more choice in how you want to revamp workspaces. These room dividers also promote privacy in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Here are five ways to revamp your workstations:

  1. Power & Flooring

Simple changes in flooring styles, textures, and colors allow for greater room ambiance. The use of power strips and lighting can transform and re-define office spaces. Effective usage of power and flooring can create intelligent workspaces. Adapting technology and space to work together can tie the entire area together, without any of the cords showing.

  1. Screens

Privacy and modesty screens create separation in open work environments. With screens, workers are able to adapt their space instantly. Steelcase offers multiple options for screen room partitions, including the Divisio, which allows workers to provide boundaries in their office without the need for tools. Get more productivity, as well as giving each employee their own space to accomplish their workload.

  1. Fence & Beam

The Answer fence and beam system offered by Steelcase features different applications, technology integration, style, and privacy levels to optimize your worker’s creativity and increase performance. See more open area, but also providing an area that can feel secure and private. The Answer fence helps to keep the open feel, while still giving each employee that area of their own.

       4. Panels

Panels are an effective room partition and are available in a variety of materials and work surfaces, which presents a highly customizable opportunity. With Steelcase’s different panel design options, such as the popular Avenir system. the demands of your workers will be fully satisfied.

  1. Work Walls

There are conventional walls, and then there are work walls. From traditional post and beam walls to futuristic and relocatable intelligent walls equipped with GPS, Steelcase has you covered. Our Privacy Wall, V.I.A., and Irys collections provide your workers with performance and design by incorporating Steelcase’s stylish and innovative room partitions into your workspace.

View this video and see just how amazing the V.I.A collection is:

Update Your Space with Ease

Create a quick and easy update to your office with these five room partition ideas from Steelcase. Gone are the days of closing down for long periods of time to renovate. Installation of Steelcase’s impeccably designed room partitions is quick, easy, and customizable.

Is your business interested in elevating your workspace? Enhance productivity and create private rooms without unnecessary construction. Modify existing rooms with even more ease. Contact us and get your quote today!