Are you ready for the Node Classroom revolution? Each classroom has different needs and requirements. Teachers have struggled for years with clunky desks and equipment that do not allow for easy movement or fast setup. Being able to engage students with ease is now a reality.

The Node classroom allows for instructors and students to move desks with ease. The transition from lecture, to small groups, to large circles that encompass the entire class. You can do it all with the minimal effort. Node classrooms offer a learning environment that will help each student thrive, learn, and become more involved.

Why Node Classrooms are the future of Education

The Node Classroom offers many features that will revolutionize the education setting. The Node seating has casters underneath, which offer greater ease of movement. But there are so many other fantastic features. Portable huddleboards promote greater collaboration and content creation. Now you can create your presentation, hook the huddleboard to the peg, and present your report to the entire class. The height adjustable table for the instructor opens the door for huge possibilities. Now the desk can conform to the needs of the classroom, instead of being a stationary object at the front of the room.

Here are just a few of the features of the Node Classroom:

  • Instructors can position their adjustable table and stool at any point in the room that’s best for their teaching style or activity at hand.
  • Personal work surfaces adjust for large and small users and move independently of the seat shell and base.
  • With built-in storage in the base, personal work surface, swivel seat, and casters, Node makes maximum use of every square foot of classroom space.

Watch how Node can benefit your classroom and other educational spaces:

Incorporate Node into your Educational Spaces now

There has never been a better time to bring the future of learning into your classroom. Students have many different learning styles, so why not incorporate them with ease? Allowing students greater collaboration and creativity opens the doors for those who struggle with the traditional learning style to embrace and expand their horizons.


Node gives teachers better ease of movement and embraces the engagement that many classrooms need. The model above shows just a few ways that the Node Classroom can be arranged. Technology can be integrated to connect the classroom, bringing even more information and learning styles to your educational space. There are so many options available, all they need is YOU!

Bring Node into your educational space

Getting started with Node is very easy! Give our office a call and let us help you determine what your classroom needs are. Create, devise and watch your educational spaces take on a new dimension.

The expert team at Steelcase will bring years of experience to the table, and can help you determine exactly what you need, and what will benefit your educational spaces the most. Contact us today to get started on your Node Classroom experience!