Height adjustable desks are becoming more commonplace in offices. With the focus on employee health and efficiency, these desks are hidden gems. Get ready to bring amazing into your office and see how these desks can help increase employee productivity.

There are many fantastic features for these desks. However, we are going to focus on just a few of the major benefits of height adjustable desks.

Increase productivity while staying healthy

When you sit for too long, sometimes your mind will wander. It becomes harder to focus on the work in front of you. But when desks can raise or lower based on what your body needs, you will increase productivity at your workstation. Allowing movement while working is key. Discover the many benefits of having a desk that is designed with your overall well-being in mind.

Raise the desk, and walk that afternoon meeting away. The Walkstation allows for a user to walk, promoting heart health, increased blood flow, and keeps your body alert. Plug your computer in and walk your way through the day. Increasing circulation will keep your mind more alert as well.  The Mayo Clinic has released a short article talking about the benefits of being more active at work.

Height adjustable desks help to maintain work priority

While at work, it is imperative to maintain the integrity of the business. Height adjustable desks allow for easy movement, without disrupting the entire office. Being able to adjust to modified working environments without disturbing those around you is key. Raise your desk, or lower to a seated position all while in a meeting, on the phone, or collaborating with co-workers. The Steelcase Series 7 desk creates a comfortable working space, with so many features.

Restless leg syndrome makes it difficult to sit for long periods of time. Steelcase promoted workplace health. “Ology supports the physiology and biology of workers to make the workplace a more health-conscious environment.”  Bring healthy to the office with you on a regular basis. With the height adjustable desks, anywhere you work, study, or collaborate can become a beacon of employee awareness. While business is important, employees are the backbone of what you do.

View the Series 5 height adjustable desks here: 

Bring healthy to your office today

You already want the best for your employees. Adding the height-adjustable desks to your office is just one more way you can help promote your staff. Your order from Steelcase arrives all at once and within a short time frame. You will not be kept waiting for long.

Our expert team is standing by to help you find the perfect height adjustable desks for your working space today. From fast-paced business to a medical office, and education, your passion is our passion. We look forward to assisting you!  Contact us today for your free quote!