We all have days where we want to kick back, yet still, see work get accomplished. These days are usually low-key, yet productivity continues. The Campfire Skate Table allows for a calm and relaxed setting, in the area of your choosing.

When it comes to working at our desk, there are times that we wish we had just a little more space. During the peak busy season, a desk can easily disappear under paperwork and projects. What are you supposed to do when you need just a little more room? Well, the Campfire Skate Table is here to answer that question!

Campfire Skate Table Brings Comfort

When those days seem overwhelming, sometimes you have to just walk away and refocus. With the Campfire Skate Table, simply move to another location, with a little quiet, and redefine your work day. If your building has a cafe or work lounge, this could be the ideal place to bring the table. Find a cozy corner, and allow a different work area to shift the day.

Comfort can be hard to find when you feel a high sense of stress or have some anxiety over a looming project deadline. Although everyone goes through these feelings, finding an outlet can alleviate much of this. One of the fabulous features of the table is that the base can slide under most furniture. This brings the table to your level, allowing for a comfortable and relaxing posture.

View the amazing Campfire Skate Table here: 

Technology and Benefits of the Campfire Skate Table

Often, when it comes using a free-standing table, there are cords just hanging. These can get in the way frequently, which can cause some frustration. However, the Campfire Skate Table has a small nook, which securely holds the cords in place. This allows for a more free feeling on the table top, as well as keeping the wires from becoming obnoxious.

There are many perks to the Campfire Skate Table. These include:

  • Directional Wheels – these wheels allow you to maneuver the table to your desired position. The base also slides underneath most furniture for a more comfortable seating arrangement.
  • Cord Management – the built-in nook allows for cords to be kept out of the way, allowing one to keep them under control and in place.
  • Workstation – the top of the Campfire Skate Table can support your laptop, tablet, books, notebooks and more! There are also various surface materials available to choose from.

The benefits of this table are amazing! Work from just about anywhere, with comfort and ease! This can be an addition to a busy desk or a place to sit and relax away from a busy workstation.

Bring The Campfire Skate Table To Your Work Area

No matter what type of office you have – from business to education, and even home use, the Campfire Skate Table is a fabulous addition to any area. Use in a library, classroom, medical office, or busy office. It would be hard to not fall in love with this additional workspace! Here at Steelcase, we want to ensure that you get exactly what you need. Our staff is standing by to answer any questions that you might have, and assist in any way necessary! Visit one of our two locations today, or request a quote via our website today! We look forward to serving your company.