The Node ShareSurface is shaking up the way that medical offices are operating. Before you groan and think, “more changes are coming,” know that these are the best of changes! Healthcare should be a personal experience. In that talking to the doctor, and building a relationship as life progresses. However, it’s more than just personal relationships. It is bridging the gap between technology and medical care. Challenge the traditional exam room with modern thinking. See how this revolutionary chair can change the tone of the exam room, and bring patient care to a new level.

Node ShareSurface Helps Connectivity

Technology and medicine go hand in hand. Without the advances in technology, many of the scientific leaps that we have seen would never have happened. While we are excited to see the advances in both fields, one section has remained untouched – the exam rooms.

When you go to the doctor, most times you are met with bland and uncomfortable rooms. While you wait to see the doctor, you sit, wondering what the news will be.

When medical professionals are in the room, most of the time, their backs are facing you, while they enter your information and data into the computer. Instead of visiting face to face with your doctor, you are talking to their back. This has been so commonplace that most people don’t think twice about it anymore. But what if there was a better way? Well, there is!

The Node ShareSurface allows doctors to utilize the technology in their office while sitting face to face with you. Sharing details and getting feedback just got easier.

Node ShareSurface Makes Sense

This chair isn’t only perfect for doctor-patient interfacing, it also supports great posture for doctors as well. Most of the chairs that can be found in exam rooms are uncomfortable for doctors and patients alike. For medical professionals, these chairs are a huge part of the daily workday.

But there are some huge benefits to the Node ShareSurface:

  • Better posture – medical professionals can gain better posture when using this chair. Finally, gain some back support without using the cabinets!
  • Easily moves from room to room – move with ease between rooms or around the room as needed during an examination.
  • Keeps technology within reach – forget moving from one side of the room to another. Just pull the desk section to a typing position, or move to the side when performing an examination.
  • Easily share information – information on the computer screen can now be shared with patients and their family members with ease.


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Embrace The Future Of Healthcare

The Node ShareSurface just makes sense! Drab and stationary examination rooms are a thing of the past. As technology expands it just makes sense that other things change as well. Here at Steelcase, we understand the importance of the relationship between medical professionals and patients. Bringing the newest and latest advances to each aspect of our lives allows for more significant communications and transfer of information easily.

Come in and visit one of our showrooms today, or contact us via our website. Our fabulous staff is standing by to help assist you in any way possible, and answer any questions that you might have.