Redesigning the office is something many businesses are hesitant to spend money doing, but what if that expense could actually save money down the road? A carefully designed space can improve your overall productivity and the wellbeing of your employees. A happy employee is likely to be more productive and healthier.

Good Office Design Promotes Health and Productivity

Company healthcare costs are a continuing expense. Not to mention the cost of employee sick days and personal days. You can cut down on both by providing a peaceful environment that nurtures the mental and emotional health of your employees. Stress levels will go down, productivity will go up, and employees may take fewer personal days.

Physical health is directly related to mental and emotional health. This is because stress compromises the immune system. In an office environment, it is easy for sicknesses to spread. Reducing stress means your employees are less likely to catch colds from each other.

An office space designed for wellbeing will also increase productivity. Having the right furniture will help your employees keep circulation flowing while staying comfortable. It provides different areas where an employee can get work done, promoting movement through the office during the day. Believe it or not, more work gets done this way. An employee can take a quick break to put their brain back at peak performance, or they can simply switch spaces to break the monotony.

Wellbeing Means Minimizing Distractions

There are many ways to promote wellbeing by reducing stress. One of them is to minimize the distractions. This does not mean sparsely decorating the office. It’s more about predicting employee needs and meeting them with your office design. For instance, an employee who has to spend time searching for a plug when switching workstations is losing focus. This costs you money while compromising your employee’s workflow.

To keep things running smoothly, it helps to spend some time really streamlining your office setup. Make sure employees have the right kind of desk, chair, and supplies they need to function well in their environment. Additionally, it’s important to provide enough plugs and seating in more relaxed workspaces.

A Short-Term Expense that Creates Long-Term Profit Increase

In business, everything is about image. The quality of work you do does not matter as much as your company’s image. Treating employees well reflects on company image. So does the office environment. Good marketing happens at every level of your business these days. Just look at all the press Google has created with their innovative office designs. This attracts better employees and ensures they will stay. It also attracts more clientele as people feel the company is modern and able to keep up with current industry demands.

Good office design will always lead to lower costs in the long run. Not only because it promotes productivity and wellbeing, but also because it improves the professionality of your office. You will impress clients and business partners more with a smart design.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, our company has a team of designers ready to help you create an awesome space. Check out some of our products and services to see what we can do for you.