Fluorescent lights are perhaps the last remnants of terribly designed office spaces that refuse to die. While fluorescent and overhead lights are the norm for large offices, they can lead to migraines, stress and a generally negative vibe. If you have the ability to change the fluorescent lighting situation in your office space, there are plenty of other great and affordable options out there for you. If you find yourself unable to do anything about the lights in your office space, don’t worry because there are still ways you can fight the fluorescents and incorporate the perfect lighting that will make you love your office space.

Choose Lighting That is Comfortable and Adjustable

Many people are sensitive to bright and fluorescent lights usually because of their intensity and whiteness. These lights cause the brain to become oversensitive and overstimulated, leading to headaches and general feelings of unease. One way you can combat these bright lights is by adding soft, warm lights that give off a yellow hue. By replacing your lamps with softer bulbs, you can create a more homey and comfortable feel in your office. It may also be a good idea to install adjustable lights whose intensity can be changed depending on your needs.

Consider Ambient Lighting

Sitting at a desk all day staring at a computer can lead to some serious eye strain. Not to worry, you can easily correct this eye strain and prevent any permanent eye damage by incorporating some ambient lighting into your office space. Ambient lighting contrasts with the bright LED of your computer screen, allowing your eyes to relax their strain. Ambient lights are also available in a variety of hues that can bring some fun color to your ordinary workday.

Don’t Forget About Natural Light

An often overlooked form of lighting for office spaces, natural lighting is a great option to help you see in the office. If your office is surrounded by windows, consider opening up any closed blinds or curtains. Letting the sun stream in can brighten up your day and put the entire office in a better mood. If your desk is not close to a source of natural light or your office space doesn’t have a lot of windows, you can always get your daily dose of vitamin D with an artificial sunlight lamp that is the next best thing to being outdoors.

Try a Desk Spotlight to Help You Focus in Your Office Space

Otherwise known as a task light, these desk lamps are great for those who have trouble seeing their paperwork or work in a dimly lit space. A desk lamp allows you to concentrate the amount of light you want on the specific space you want without bothering others around you. They come in a wide variety of fun shapes and colors, and there are even kinds that clamp onto the side of your desk for the ultimate space-saving hack.

All it takes to fall in love with your office space is finding the perfect lighting solution for you. For more ideas on ways you can create a fantastic office space check out our blog post, “Simple Ways You Can Develop a Healthy Work Environment.”