Staying active is always on the top of New Year Resolution lists. The Active List Riser can help employees stay more active during a workday. Productivity is a must, and maintaining the level of work needed can sometimes be draining if you are sitting in one position all day.

Imagine having the Active Lift Riser on your desk. Go from standing to sitting with ease, all with the use of a lever on the side. Keeping your body moving, while staying alert throughout the day can greatly increase the amount of work that can be accomplished.

The Active List Riser Promotes Wellbeing

Being active is great. But during working hours it can become harder to maintain that level of activity that keeps the brain fully awake and engaged. During the day, there are always a few hours that seem to drag, and productivity begins to falter. This usually follows the lunch hour, when a drowsy feeling can set in.

A large number of offices are beginning to take a more diligent role in helping to ensure that the wellbeing of all employees are being met. These moves have brought more social places for colleagues to collaborate together easily. There are also pieces that promote a way to gain a few moments of respite during the day.

The Active List Riser can help keep employees fully engaged in their work. By simply using the lever, one can raise or lower the stand to the perfect height. The Active List Riser holds up to 30 pounds of weight. It also has the ability to support a vast array of devices. Whatever technology is needed, the Active List Riser can help.

Create A Workflow That Supports The Office

Keeping everything flowing throughout the day can be a small challenge. When employees feel sluggish or tired, projects tend to slow down. Height adjustable options, such as desks, are becoming even more popular. While some allow a user to walk a treadmill while continuing to work, others are still, allowing for more movement on the desktop. The Active List Riser fits into any of these models with ease. However, it is also the perfect addition to a standard desk. Standing hunched over can cause strain in the neck and upper back, and is rather uncomfortable over a period of time. But with the Active List Riser, bring technology to a standing height. Collaborate with a colleague on a new project, or run numbers from the last reports that came out.

Whether working alone, or with a partner, using the Active List Riser over a period of time throughout the day will help promote better blood flow. It also reduces the risk of feeling the afternoon drowsy time. Maintaining activity by standing and sitting for short periods of time helps maintain an energizing experience.

Add The Active List Riser Now

With those resolutions still fresh, this is the perfect time to add the Active Lift Riser to your office! We have a fabulous staff standing by, who can assist you with any questions or concerns you might have. Stop by one of our showrooms, or contact us via our website. We look forward to showing you the many reasons why this piece is a welcome addition to any work area.