Have you seen the Embold collection yet!? We are so excited to share this new product with you! As we count down to its release, we want to highlight this fantastic collection. As new pieces and inspiration come to the forefront, our thoughts are always on our amazing community and how these pieces can benefit your workspaces.

The Embold collection is bringing BOLD back to the office. This seating is ready for multiple uses, in various venues, without a huge hassle. Are you screaming tell me more yet? Well, get comfy, because we are going to do just that!

The Versatility Of The Embold Collection

Every workspace thrives on the feeling of versatility. As technology advances so do the methods in offices and there functions. With the many ways that workspaces are changing, so should the furniture within the office. Additionally, each piece works together with finesse so that the needs of your business are always moving forward. Whatever your seating needs are, from small to large, the Embold has you covered! Furthermore, with the technological needs of many companies, adding in the Occasional tables with the optional technology integration can keep devices powered. The seating can hold from 1-4 people. Steelcase understands the needs of individuals is different.  Therefore, when they are designing new pieces, these needs are being addressed with the design team. “Versatile and durable, Embold gives organizations the flexibility to adapt waiting spaces over time to meet changing needs. Moveable arms and seating configurations support a wide range of sizes, health, and abilities.”

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Track the Embold Collection For Your Office

While the Embold Collection releases in the Winter of 2019, this is the perfect time to start doing some research. Are you looking for a powerful statement? Ready to set your waiting areas apart from other offices? Looking to discover more expressive pieces? Or do you demand high performance from your furniture? Whatever questions you might have, Embold is the answer. For statements and setting your waiting areas apart, the Embold embraces this. Choose from a wide range of materials and colors to choose from, making a bold statement.

These high-performance pieces must hold up to constant wear. If you are in the healthcare profession, wiping down furniture at the end of the day is a must. If your collection is not a Steelcase backed collection,  how well does it hold up to constant use? Steelcase knows that high performance is a priority, no matter what type of business you run. When it comes to moving pieces, Steelcase always has a variety of material to set each piece apart. Let your artistic side loose with the entire collection from Embold!

Prepare For The Embold Today

It is not too early to begin planning to incorporate the Embold Collection into your office. Begin to make your plans today to add the fabulous Embold Collection now. Our staff is standing by to help you make the best decisions for your company. Their knowledge of each piece can help you come to a verdict on the pieces for your space, and how to best integrate them into your existing workspace. Contact us today and let us help with all your office furniture necessities.