Furniture designs are constantly evolving. We are constantly looking for ways to condense, gaining space and the efficiency that we crave. While new designs are great, consumers want to see furniture that will make their space stand out, be ergonomic, and comfortable.

Old designs are getting a complete makeover, with new features and functionality. Collaboration, technology, and comfort are being added into designs giving greater advantage to the employee. In addition to fabulous new features, many designs are also bringing in more privacy, giving the feeling of calm and increased productivity throughout the day.  Using robotics to create a facelift for furniture, either for your home or office, can give your space a brand new look.

Making furniture designs robotic

Hasier Larrea shares how the future of furniture could change everything. From household furniture to office and educational spaces – what if everything could be moveable? Being able to take and move each individual piece of furniture yourself, could make space efficiency a reality.

Being able to move, organize and clear space as needed will open the possibilities of what each space is capable of. Move all the office or educational furniture for a large gathering after work. Minimize and open living space in your homes during the day, allowing for more functionality of space – the possibilities are endless! What would you do with extra space in your office or home? With the mass movement of people to cities, finding larger livable spaces is becoming more difficult. From apartments to office spaces – the economy of space is becoming a hotter topic.

The future of furniture design with robotic engineering has some exciting possibilities. Smaller apartments and offices can become less cluttered with the immediate unneeded furniture put away, allowing for more workable and usable real estate. Technology continues to improve, which is allowing more and more ideas to become an actuality.

Bivi: Design and Re-Design with Ease

The Bivi designs are putting new energy into the workplace. As your needs change, so does the furniture that you use in your office. Bivi is versatile and allows for quick and easy rearranging in minutes! Transform your workspace with the Bivi furniture.

The possibilities are endless! Design and create your ideal ergonomic working space with ease. Collaboration becomes easier when employees can combine and work together. Technology and engineering can be showcased to its full potential.

Bivi desks and accessories help you create a workplace that’s all about who you are today and what you’ll become tomorrow. Its modular design makes it easy to add extra tables with the turn of a tool and incorporate accessories that make each space unique. (via

Bivi incorporates a variety of postures and provides privacy and ergonomics in the workplace with the turn of a single tool. Its insight-led design offers sitting, standing and lounge options in one collection, and allows to do more with less. (Steelcase)


View the incredible functionality of Bivi now:

Dreams of the Future

Although many of these designs are in progress, we are excited for their potential use in our spaces. However, there are already several designs available that can be functional for your space. Height adjustable desks are on the market. Allow your furniture to raise and lower as you need to sit or stand during the working day. Cabinets that can be moved and restructured as the office needs demand. Node desks allow students to gather into small or large groups depending on the need of the classroom. The Bivi furniture allows you to move and create in your space with ease. These examples are just a few of the many products already available, aimed at making your spaces work the way you need them to.

Allow functionality and efficiency run free in your office spaces. From medical, business, education and so many more – these designs are just waiting for you! Contact us today and begin the evolution of your office! Our experts are standing by to help you design and execute your ideal office space.