With August quickly approaching, teachers and students are fixing to head back to the classroom. The Verb Active Media Table is helping to transform the classrooms from old to new, by integrating the newest education technology in a learning style to help students adapt and learn.

Learning is important, but education is something to be treasured. Education has taken an entirely new approach in the classrooms. Creative and collaborative classrooms are beginning to replace the antiquated look from our childhood.

Transforming Your Classroom

As we move into a more technological mindset in classrooms, the question of how to integrate students and technology is brought forward. Kids are learning with a more hands-on approach; watching, listening, and collaborating using software that was not available a couple of years ago.

The Verb Active Media Table is specifically designed with education and collaboration in mind. The Verb Active Media Table can raise and lower as education needs dictate. As stated on www.goimageworks.org,  “Steelcase has researched human-centered design in schools, colleges, and universities across North America. Their findings show that while active learning is on the rise, the classroom often poses a problem for collaborative learning. A similar trend can be found in corporate team workspaces—collaborative work is increasingly relevant, yet office environments can hinder productive group work.”

View how the Verb Active Media Table can transform your classroom:

Versatile and Diverse Classrooms

The Verb Active series has more than just tables available. While the Verb Active Media Table is designed to support active learning environments, the Verb Whiteboard can help educators to support all the different styles of learning that students bring! From audio to visual and a bit of everything in between! How can the Verb Whiteboard enhance your educational space?

Information found on www.goimageworks.org states “The Verb whiteboard is the foundation for collaboration, display, and presentation in the classroom, perfect for active learning. The small dry erase boards are ideal for personal use, but large enough to share and work with a team, making collaboration more natural. And by simply placing a Verb whiteboard in a table dock, students gain privacy for test time or focused work.”

Redesign With Education Technology In Mind

Education styles are certainly changing. Gone are the days of quiet and sterile classrooms. Today, the best technology can bring information and videos to students in a matter of seconds. Teachers are incorporating technology and collaborative style teaching methods on a greater scale.

With the Verb Active series, you can redesign and reinvent your classroom with educational technology. Contact us today, and get started on your new vision. Bring in the 2018-2019 school year with learning on an entirely new level!