Tackle recycling this upcoming New Year with the Victor2. Environmental issues have always been at the forefront of our minds, and at Steelcase, we take it very seriously.. Recycling has seen a more significant push lately. Everyone here at Steelcase commits to doing the best that we can for our environment and keeping it as clean as possible. By incorporating the Victor2 into our office areas, recycling can not only be beneficial, but stylish.

Many of the changes start in the office itself. Recycling really assists in keeping the trash output at a minimum. Many items thrown into garbage cans could be recycled. When one does not recycle, the amount of waste that ends up in landfills increases, causing more strain on the environment itself. By recycling, there is an opportunity for most of these items to be melted down and re-used for other products. Many of the furniture items at Steelcase contain recycled materials! Reduce, Re-use, Recycle!

The Victor2 keeps everything contained, and easy to dispose of. If it can help cut down on the number of waste bags being disposed of, and keep our planet healthy, how could this not be a smart investment?

Victor2 Is Versatile

Using this receptacle allows for versatility throughout the office. Move the container from one room to another as needs dictate. Having a huge office get-together in the conference room? Add the Victor2 in the corner to allow for responsible disposal of items. Need to host a party in another part of the office? Just adjust the location of Victor2 during party time. Regardless of what your needs are, the Victor2 can help keep your office on the top of recycling, and reducing the amount of garbage leaving businesses each year. The top of the Victor2 can even be used to set items, such as lunch trays or empty containers that might not fit in the receptacle itself. There are so many different ways to use the Victor2, and once incorporated into the office, it will be hard to imagine life without it.

The versatility of the Victor2 is fantastic! There are EIGHT different inserts that you can choose from. Pick the model that will best fit the needs of your work areas. Each unique layout and the accompanying picture diagrams help keep each bin separate. Quickly find the correct slot for your waste needs!

Easily Access Waste Bins

Now, as the ideas for incorporating the Victor2 into your space is formulating, let’s talk about ease of disposal. When removing the bins, the process should be easy, and without taking to much time. Victor2 is easy to change out and remove the bags.

For the freestanding unit, simply open the front – and voila! Change the bags, and you are good to go! The mobile unit has access on the rear of the unit. A quick swivel, change of bags, and it is ready to go again.

Incorporate the Victor2 into your office, and ring in the New Year with the pride of knowing that you are helping to keep the environment healthy! Contact our team today, and let us help you get started on your journey!