Waiting rooms are not fun places to be. But with the Regard Lounge System, they can be more relaxing. Doctors offices have their own stresses. Waiting for the college dean can add some stress as well. The longer the wait, the bigger the stress. Today’s world is busy, and no one sits still for long. We have a need to have something to do while we wait. Reading a book, playing on our phone, or working from an electronic device are all ways that we keep ourselves occupied. There is an expectation of faster service. Many companies working to streamline their services to cut down on wait times.

Want to add another stress? Watching the battery on your devices drain while you are waiting. Nowadays, most people travel with ways to charge their devices. Batteries do not last forever, but with Regard, you can charge with ease. Cut down on at least one stress!

Incorporating Regard Into Your Offices

Now, while many offices have a waiting area, there are some that pop out. Medical, educational and corporate are the ones we mainly think of when it comes to waiting areas. Many of them are not comfortable though. Chairs or lounges are stiff without any give to them. Stark rooms can create anxiety in some situations.  Incorporating Regard into these spaces has so many benefits. The sole purpose behind the creation of this system was to solve the challenges that are presented by current wait rooms. Now you can get:

  • Transition Support – With many different solutions available, leave behind the feelings of isolation while incorporating just the right amount of privacy. Perfect for use in educational settings such as libraries and study areas. Medical offices can also benefit from the Regard System, which offers more comfort, privacy, and places to connect.
  • Privacy – During some waiting periods, you may want to be alone. Regard allows for privacy to be achieved with ease. “Integrated dividers, screens and planters define and protect personal space in open environments. Regard booths give a familiar place where small groups can gather for private conversations.” (Steelcase.com)
  •  Posture Support – Everyone has a preferred posture when it comes to sitting. Some choose to slump, while others sit straight up. Some will pull their feet up underneath them, while others will stretch out their legs. Whatever your posture position, the Regard will offer the best support.

Regard Adapts Easily To Any Space

Does your office have minimal space? Larger areas? That is okay! Whatever space requirements are given, the lounge system can easily adapt to any area. From small to large, these pieces will help pull any waiting area together with ease.

View more on the Regard System here:

Create areas with more privacy, while having some that are completely open. The range of possibilities is endless. As we showed above, the lounge system is easy to assemble, and move. BUT, you can also reconfigure the pieces! Fantastic!

Bring waiting areas into the New Year with vitality and a huge facelift The team here at ImageWorks is ready to assist with any need that you might have! From small questions to larger issues, we have you completely covered! Contact us today for a quote, or visit us at one of our locations.