Good office furniture can last you for years, but there’s a point in every chair’s life when it’s time to say goodbye. Whether your office furniture has been there since before you were born or it’s not providing you the support you need, knowing when your office furniture isn’t doing its job is crucial to creating a successful workplace.

You’re Experiencing Pain

Office jobs can be brutal on the body even if you’re not doing a whole lot physically. According to Mayo Clinic sitting for long periods of time can increase your risk of:

  • Obesity
  • Cancer
  • High blood pressure
  • Cardiovascular disease

While your office furniture may look innocent, it can be really harming your body and health. On top of these health problems, many employees report suffering from bad posture, and neck and shoulder pain. If you’re experiencing health problems or pain, it’s time to reconsider your office furniture. There is a plethora of ergonomic office furniture options are there that are designed to counterbalance these health risks associated with sitting all day long. Try out an ergonomic office chair, a standing desk, or even a treadmill desk to help keep you and your employees healthy.

There’s Not Enough Room In Your Office

If you’re a growing company, it’s likely that at some point you won’t be able to cram any more desks into your workspace. Before you start thinking about moving to a bigger office and paying more in rent, consider changing out your office furniture. Many pieces of office furniture, especially older models, are heavy and big. This doesn’t leave a lot of wiggle room when you’re trying to maximize the space in your office.

By installing innovative office furniture that uses vertical space instead of horizontal, you can easily expand the look and feel of your current office. You can also try incorporating long conference tables and open space office furniture to make your office feel bigger. The right office furniture can be a cost-effective way to increase your workspace and accommodate growing companies.

Your Office Feels Like a Time Machine

Sometimes it’s good to hold onto things from the past—office furniture is not one of them. If your office furniture makes your office feel like a time machine that has magically transported you back to the 1980s, then it’s probably not doing its job. Office furniture should reflect the innovation and creativity of your company and your employees, not be dingy and outdated.

Consider updating your office furniture to reflect the styles of this century with modern lines and sleek designs. Your employees will surely thank you when their workspace no longer looks like their grandma’s house. Buying new office furniture can be an investment, but it can also increase your employees’ productivity and impress your clients from the minute they walk in the door.

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