When it comes to color and office design, there are a lot of things to consider. What message will your color choices send to visitors? How will the colors make your employees more productive? When choosing the colors for your office design, always think about your brand, your employees, and your potential clients.

These are the things that are going to be the most affected by the color of your office. With these simple tips, incorporating color into your office design can be a fun and exciting project. Check them out below.

Consider the Psychological Impacts of Color

The psychology of color is the idea that different colors have different effects on the people who see them. Some colors have the power to excite people or make them feel empathy, while others can encourage people to take risks. Think about how these different colors can have an psychological impact on your employees and your clients.

  • Red: Excites people, a sign of passion and a signal of urgency
  • Green: The color of growth and health, signals a positive future
  • Blue: A symbol of trust and honesty, someone you can rely on
  • Yellow: Happiness and optimism, a sign of warmth

Add Color to Your Walls

Another great way to incorporate color into your office design is by giving your walls a little facelift. Adding a fresh coat of paint to your walls can instantly make your office come alive with color.

Make sure you choose light and bright color to paint your walls with. Neutral and light colors can open up an office and make the space look bigger.

Add Art to Your Office Design

There are a lot of ways you can add color to your office design, but none as easy as hanging a piece of art on the wall. Having art around the office is a great way to inspire employees, boost creativity, and liven up your walls with a splash of color.

Try searching for art at craft fairs, thrift stores or flea markets. Displaying the works of local artists is also a great way to support your community and show clients that you’re a company who cares, You can even encourage your employees to display their art on the walls and share their talent with the company.

Have Fun with Your Office Furniture

The last place most people expect to find color in an office is on the furniture. If you thought that office furniture was only meant to be solid and dark, think again! Modern office furniture now incorporates sleek designs and bold colors that can give your office the spice it needs.

Try going for bold furniture in your reception area to make a statement to your visitors. Or create a lounge area for your employees that brightens their day. The possibilities for color and office furniture are endless!

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