Open offices are becoming more and more widespread and popular. Designing an open office for your company is both affordable, efficient, and caters to collaboration among your teams. While it has privacy solutions and can be a big asset for your team in both budget and teamwork, it can also prove to be a major hindrance privacy and sensitive projects.

An open office layout should cater to both types of work and projects, collaboratively open and quiet privacy solutions.

Start With Communication

Communicate with your team about the respect of others working on various projects, and setting some boundaries for everyone in a very openly communicative way. You want to build the open office into the culture of your team, not create an active argument for your team.

This is why communicating with your team of boundaries and respect is crucial, while also gaining that valuable feedback and suggestions from teams. Individual teams and members know how they work the best, open communication is more important than any other solution you can put into action.

Design Privacy Areas

Privacy areas are a must-have for every open office. It’s best practice to set up privacy areas that will accommodate many of your team members that may need to use them, as well as designing those privacy areas to also be used as meeting areas for more sensitive projects and discussions.

A fitting option for privacy areas includes lounge areas with raised back sofas as well as possibly temporary sound insulating privacy walls depending on the location of the lounge. Lounges are perfect for members of teams to get away from their desks, discuss projects with others in a relaxed quiet environment, or meetings with clients and visitors.

Much like a lounge, a workplace cafe can be integrated into your lounge efforts to create an even more ambient environment to cater great work. Food, drinks, people and caffeine are all relative to calm and quiet.

Conference rooms are also the perfect privacy solution that will accommodate as large or small number of people necessary. Many offices choose to multiple small conference rooms rather than an office with one large one.

Furniture Privacy Solutions

You already need high-quality furniture for an effective workspace, why not look for furniture that has or allows for an integrated privacy solution? Privacy screens that can be quickly setup are great options for those who need quick privacy from all others.

Equip Your Team

Above all else, you will want to equip your team with the right tools for them to cater their own privacy solution. Noise canceling headphones with a built-in microphone are high on the list. Tall artificial plants help to separate workspaces, as well as desk plants for more individualized customization.