Your work environment should be all based on the effectiveness and wellbeing of your team. Conference rooms, offices, workspaces, should all promote motivation, great work, and effective teamwork. However, we all know this to be true. What about your kitchen and common areas? Introducing your workforce to a workplace cafe brings a whole suite of perks.

Healthy Foods Fuel Great Work

While it’s a given that complete meals are not likely possible for most employers, however, an arsenal of healthy snacks and food for complimenting their own food for their meals. Healthy food fuels creativity and improves the health of your employees. Rather than them eating a candy bar or bag of chips, which only leads to slumps and low health, you are fueling them with healthful food that will only make them a better person and worker.

QUICK TIP: When meeting with investors, potential clients or customers, bring them a menu of your workplace cafe offerings and serve them your best. They will be delightfully impressed and gracious to your hospitality as well as notice your successful workplace cafe initiative.

Ambiance Boosts Everything

Ambiance effects moods refreshes after tough projects and sets the general vibe you want in your office. Your office can and should have an exciting motivating ambiance, while your workplace cafe should promote feelings health, refreshment, and comfort.

Your cafe should set apart your employees from their day-to-day work environments and cater to lively openness. Ambient lights, fresh plants, cool art, and clean comfortable furniture is a must have for any workplace cafe. Speakers that are integrated into the surroundings can also be a creative way to boost the environment, and boost moods.

Fresh, seasonal foods and decor will also set the environment apart from working spaces as well as keeping the space alive and moving.

Catering to Community

The digital age makes everyone busier. Work, home, play, and social are all part of life that when mixed in with our digital lives can mean major pressures on our balanced life of stress, happiness, and community.

This means it is tough for everyone to have a good balance of community in all areas of life, especially work. In this digital age, work is already busy, and the question of “How can we build teamwork and promote more community within our teams?” is something we’re all asking. A workplace cafe caters to the community within teams and workplaces.

There are some many other strategies and activities you can work into your culture to build community, but with the right amount and enough time as well as budget. A workplace cafe does all the community building work on its own when you look into it.  

Coffee, tea, and food all bring together people. They listen to music together while sipping their favorite blend of coffee, talk about the latest inspirational content they’ve consumed over snacks, or discusses the latest educational book over a meal at lunch. The possibilities of discussion and team bonding are endless.