The physical layout and design of an office space can have a noticeable impact on employee productivity and workplace satisfaction. The dull and dreary cubicles are no longer what modern day employees want. It is not unusual for employees to leave the office to wrap up work at a local coffee shop, or elsewhere; in fact, a third of employees work away from the office. Businesses have not turned a blind eye to this shift in employee preferences and are trying to offer such an environment on-site by setting up work cafes. Here’s how you can set up one in your office:


You want to think laidback and comfortable furniture when you are setting up the work café. Lounge seating furniture can be a great idea if you are going to have conference calls and meetings at the work café. A wing chair, bean bag, or stylish café stool are other furniture ideas that you can use for your work café. If you want your work café to be a recreational zone you can also bring in a foosball table.


What’s a work café if it doesn’t have a kitchen? Set up a well-stocked kitchen with a toaster, refrigerator, microwave and other appliances. You can even have vending machines that stock food, drinks, and healthy treats.


You want to decide if you want your work café to be a lively or a quiet sit-out area for employees, so you can accordingly do up the decor. Cool décor themes for quiet work cafes and vibrant themes for lively ones. You can also put up posters and pictures to brighten up the work café. It’s not a café if it has bare walls.
Younger professionals want greater flexibility and freedom at the workplace, so they can be at their creative and productive best. Setting up a work café can offer an alternative laid-back setting for employees, and help your business keep up with the changing times, and retain top talent.

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