With the exciting partnership between Steelcase and Microsoft, there is even more to love at work. Having a smart and connected workplace means that there is more productivity in the office. Lose the wasted space. See how your workplace is performing, with real-life updates.

Steelcase has a wide selection of technology available to ensure that your office performs at its peak each day. By incorporating these products, employees can work smarter. But they can also stay connected, no matter where they are working.

Stay Smart and Connected All Day Long

Employees know how hard they work, but sometimes results can seem elusive. With the integration of technology, results are now viable in real-time. Data is available to view at any time during the day. Monitoring office productivity is easy! 

“Your people and your workplace are your greatest assets and they are underutilized,” via Steelcase. Steelcase knows that your workplace and employees are the backbones of each business. With smart and connected technology, your workplace AND employees are gaining assets. Space is a constant. By utilizing your work areas to get the most out of them, employees can feel more empowering. There are studies that show only 54% of office space is fully utilized during the day. Additionally, around 37% of employees are not engaging at work. With these numbers, this can take a toll on business functioning properly. Now is the time to turn that around. Boost those numbers and watch productivity increase.

Smart and Connected Benefits

In addition to seeing an increase in work engagement, employees can connect for smarter work sessions. Collaboration is becoming more popular in the office, and these sessions are seeing some huge improvements in projects. Just a few of the areas in which monitoring helps are:

  • Space Measurement – see how much of the office is being used at any given time. Track rooms that are occupied, or reserve a room for a meeting. From private offices to larger areas, this can all be monitored for effective usage.
  • Data+Insights – get real-time data, as well as an overall picture at any time. View high traffic areas, peak capacity, areas that employees are not using as much, impacts on space, and so much more.

But, there are other products that can add additional functionality to make these spaces operate on a new level. These products are:

  • Media:scape – collaborate easier with an integration of technology and furniture. Comfort and technology combine to assist in employee productivity.
  • RoomWizard – Schedule meetings from the web or the monitor with the RoomWizard.
  • Virtual PUCK – Now, share content from anywhere in the room, via wireless connections with your laptop. Collaborating just got a lot easier.  

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Incorporate a Smart and Connected Office Today

There has never been a more exciting time to incorporate technology into your office spaces. From healthcare to education and corporations, we have you completely covered! Stop into one of our showrooms today, or contact us via our website. We look forward to assisting you. Our fabulous staff is standing by to answer all of your questions. From large to small projects, we can assist you every step of the way!