Furniture makes a statement. Adding the Currency desk system to your work area can spruce it up quickly. All without breaking your budget! When it comes to the office, a lot of time is working at a desk, or around a table in small groups. Make the experience one that will make everyone happy. The need for space has always been prevalent. Today, the focus is on getting the most out of spaces, for each working area, which is helping to ensure the maximum functionality and employee overall wellbeing. The Currency system has a modern design and some fantastic features. The desk system can be a stand-alone piece, or it can be incorporated into the Kick or Groupwork systems. Either way, style is still the name of the game!

Currency Is An Affordable Style

Updates are nice to have in the office. Having upgrades that don’t cost the full years budget is fantastic. The Currency system is an affordable option for those who are looking to add new desks into their workspaces. It is a contemporary laminate system that is sturdy and solid. With attention to detail, you can add this sleek desk system to existing Steelcase systems with ease.

Having a desk system that will convert to different areas will also save money in the long run. Start out attaching to other systems, but feel free to adjust as office needs dictate. There are many workable options for the Currency desk system. Employees will be jumping up and down for joy. The design and set up options are definite perks. Some of these include:

  • Model for a team – Set desk system up in a team setting where collaboration can thrive.
  • Single Option Desk – Design a room where the desk system can provide quiet solitude. Perfect for those who need to work on projects efficiently.
  • Incorporate with the Kick or Groupwork systems – by adding additional functionality and storage spaces; the systems add functionality without compromising space.
  • Easy movement – The systems can be moved and reconfigured as needed.  

Currency Offers Easy Installation

Now, when it comes to getting new furniture, one of the biggest questions is, “how long will it take to put together?” Well, with the Currency, it is effortless! You can get them in easy to assemble, flat-packed kits, or have them delivered already put together! What a fabulous way to start the day! Steelcase also ships entire orders on one truck, so setting everything up at once will help keep business running smoothly. Easy installation means less stress on everyone!

Discover More About The Currency Desk System

While we would love to continue telling you about this fabulous system here, we do not want to monopolize all of your time! Make plans to visit one of our showrooms, or contact us today. Our reliable and knowledgeable staff can share the details for the Currency Desk System, and help you to decide if this is the best fit for your office. Here at Steelcase, we want to make your visit memorable. We strive to always uphold and maintain the commit to the best in customer service. Find out more about us on our Who We Are section, and stop by for a visit! We look forward to helping achieve your dreams and goals for your work areas.