ab is bringing peace of mind back! Working in a busy environment can make one feel overwhelmed. Having a small private and secluded place to jump into can make a difference. Sometimes the most significant inventions come from another idea. The idea for SnapCab was born from the elevator interiors! Who would have thought?

A small enclosure allows for either solo working or collaboration with a colleague. The benefits of the SnapCab are numerous!  Information found on the website states, SnapCab Pods provide the opportunity for independent concentration or collaboration with colleagues. Available in various sizes, SnapCab Pods provide an experience that supports productivity with quiet ventilation for constant air flow, LED lighting for consistent illumination and an option for Corning® Gorilla® Glass markerboard. For sustainability, an occupancy sensor keeps lighting and fans on only when needed.”

SnapCab Is Versatile And Budget Friendly

Versatile and budget friendly. This is the perfect combination! Whether you are working in a larger corporate office or attending college courses, these pods can fit any area. Instead of cordoning off larger areas with smaller pods, you can station these strategically around several different areas. The beauty of the SnapCab is that they are not permanent to one specific area. They are extremely easy to move. Even better, installation is simple! The time to put one together only takes a few hours.

These pods are ideal for college libraries, corporate buildings, municipal buildings, healthcare offices and more! The possibilities for its use are endless. If you need a quiet place to finish the report that you are writing, pop into a SnapCab. Want to collaborate in quiet with your partner on a large presentation? The SnapCab offers a quiet place to finish that project together. The standing office pod offers private and affordable options, with several different sizes. They offer pods that range in size from one to six persons. There are some economically sound features with these pods. The features include:

  • LED lighting – this lighting is easy on the eyes while providing energy savings overall.
  • Quiet Ventilation – the air flow is constant, yet quiet so you will not be disturbed loud noises while trying to work.
  • Cost-effective – the built-in sensor ensures that your pod is only lit and ventilated when in use.
  • Optional addition of a Corning® Gorilla® Glass markerboard is also available.

View more on the fabulous SnapCab here:

Incorporating SnapCab Into Your Space

Adding the SnapCab into your work area is simple! Choose your size, and then go online or call and let us help you determine what would best fit your needs. We have a dedicated team of professionals just waiting to assist you in any way possible. Here at ImageWorks, we have you covered from technology to flooring and even decorative pieces in your offices and work areas. Contact us today for more information!