Offices are getting a new feel with the Jenny chair. Many businesses are moving to an office setting that has a more “at home” look. The days of having the boring office look are gone. Clients want to feel comfortable when they come into your office.

The Jenny is allowing a more relaxed feel, while still promoting collaboration between employees. The old office has been on the outs for a long time. Setting up new and inviting locations is helping to bring office mates together. Encourage more natural interactions around the office. Say yes to solo working. Bring groups together with ease. Any way that you want to use it, Jenny fits easily into any office setting. From the front office to the boardroom, these chairs are a perfect choice. There are so many features that make Jenny a smart choice. There is even the option to add an ottoman as well to your ensemble!

Collaborate Easily with Jenny

As the time in the office becomes geared more toward collaboration, comfort comes into play as well. The impromptu meetings or business negotiations can now be done with style. Jenny promotes not only the ease of use but brings a touch of home to the office. As employers look for ways to keep employees longer, creating inviting and relaxed spaces is helping.

From the beginning of your collaborative efforts to the end, the Jenny is the ideal sitting place. The versatility of this pieces allows for greater inclusion to many areas of the office. Creating the layout that you want with your office is a breeze. Numerous material options and different finishes for the feet allow for greater customization. The Jenny will meld in with the office decor already in place with ease.

Jenny Supports Lounging Posture

Curling up into a favorite chair is a great way to unwind after a hectic day. If that board meeting didn’t go as planned, relax for a few minutes. Having chairs that properly supports a lounging posture is a must. The Jenny Low has been designed around these ideas.

  • Helps to position users in a correct lounging position
  • Allows for a deeper seat with a relaxed seat angle
  • Updated to a lower profile and comfortable lounge position
  • Works perfectly with the Campfire Skate Table
  • Sturdy construction that is built to last
  • Available in round or club

By referencing the list above, you can see why the Jenny is optimal for a fantastic sitting experience. However, There are also several different options for the arms as well. Choose between wanting to keep the classic look, or go with a more modern style. With the more modern style, the arms will conform to your work style. This makes it the ideal choice for a tablet, laptop, and paperwork usage. The classic pairs perfectly with the Campfire Skate Table. This allows you to keep the vintage feel while maintaining your workload with ease.

Give us a call today, and let us help you design your new chairs! Be the first in your area to incorporate this down-home experience into your workspace today. The Jenny will always be a welcome addition to any office.