Having a Workplace Advisor just made working that much better! Now, get the most out of your office and increase productivity! Steelcase is committed to your company and knows that you deserve the best!

Our long-term sensing analyzes how, when and why people use space providing results that allow you to create the best workplace to support people and work.(Steelcase)

There are four key components to ensuring that you are getting the most out of your space! Each piece works together to bring you the most up to date metrics and data. See how each area performs during operating hours. How easy can it be? Well, extremely easy!

Four Properties of the Workplace Advisor

There are four components to the Workplace Advisor, and each of them works together to bring you reliable information for your workplaces. The four properties are:

  • Sensors – Monitor the usage of your space, and get an idea which areas of your office get more use than others.  
  • Wireless Gateways – All of the data from the sensors is sent securely to the cloud for storage.
  • Cloud Platform – This area is where all of your secured data will be held and analyzed.
  • Dashboard – This area shows the usage, numbers, and analytics which the sensors pick up in the areas surveyed.

Many possibilities await for the Workplace Advisor. See which offices are getting more use, and what the peak times for usage are. Are small huddle groups more productive, or are the large conference rooms performing better? If you have offices in more than one location, you can compare data between the different sites. Compare how often spaces see activity and then determine if the areas could use a repurposing for other business needs. Reclaiming your real estate and ensuring functionality just became simplified.

Now you can set the time range for the rooms and monitor how each room receives activity throughout the workday. Don’t waste time monitoring when your office is not in use. Get the most up-to-date data on how well your spaces perform during your working hours.

See the Steelcase Workplace Advisor Study here: Workplace Advisor Study.

Expert Analysis from the Workplace Advisor

Getting information at your fingertips is the name of the game. Begin by determining where you want the Workplace Advisor to be placed in your office space. Then, with some easy installation, which only takes around 5-10 minutes per space. Now, sit back and watch as the analytics of your workplace come in. Much like social media, the analytics of your office can let you know which areas need improvement, or where the hot spots are.

Curious about how the Workplace Advisor can help you? View this video, and see how the Workplace Advisor can transform your office space:

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