We live in a loud world, and with the Sonet Qt, we can regain some quiet. Silence is more challenging to come by every day. As we work, we encounter varieties of noises. Noises such as conversation, construction, traffic, radios, discussion, all impact our work. Steelcase has done significant research on sound, and the effects it has on us. As it turns out, noise pollution may lead to hypertension, sleep disorders, cardiovascular disease, and impaired cognition. In its base, noise equals distraction. This distraction leads to irritation, which increases stress.

At Steelcase, we continually commit to producing products with employee’s wellness as our focus.  In response to the need for a flexible, sturdy way to combat noise pollution, Steelcase has generated the Sonet Qt. Instead of awkward, clunky headphones, this system integrates effortlessly into your existing workspace. This will help you to decrease unwanted noise pollution.

The Sonet Qt – Privacy, Comfort, and Productivity

The Sonet Qt system design was built around Qt Quiet Technology™. The system was designed to help improve speech privacy, productivity, and comfort at work or in a home office space. The Sonet Qt is portable, flexible, and easy to install.  The Sonet Qt system consists of two emitters, which can expand to four. It also has a volume control module that plugs into any wall outlet.
The system works with existing furniture, ceiling and flooring treatments to tailor each user’s acoustical background. The Sonet Qt system is ideal for up to 200 square feet, with other options available for larger spaces. But, it also has full backing by our lifetime guarantee.

Sound As We Hear It

There are always sounds all around us. From appliances and office equipment to others conversations and ringtones, we have a constant bombarding by noise pollution.  What’s more, is that as the base volume around us increases, conversational volume increases as well. This is known as the Lombard Effect. You can learn more about the Lombard Effect, and its potential effects on your health on Steelcase’s report on “Too Much Noise.”

How the Sonet Qt Helps Combat Noise Pollution

The Sonet Qt combats the Lombard Effect by masking the surrounding sounds via the two emitters and volume control module. Having silence leaves your workspace a peaceful, productive, healthy place.

The typical office will have a decibel range of 60-65 decibels. This range, however, can impede work and collaboration. The optimal decibel range for working is right around 55 decibels. The Sonet Qt helps to mask the everyday sound pollution that can affect your health and your work.

However, an investment in your health is one of the most valuable investments you can make. Protecting yourself from noise pollution can not only help you avoid stress and the effects of noise pollution, but it can also help you be more productive.

If you would like more information on the Sonet Qt, and how you can integrate it into your workspace, contact ImageWorks today! ImageWorks is available 24/7 to meet your workplace needs.