Organization is something that most of us want, but never actually get a hold of. Organization to do our best work is just something we need to face we cannot have, or is it? Let’s take a look at a clever and creative approach to staying organized while working.

Whatever You Do, Keep Clear Iterations

When we work, we often have countless iterations of the project we’re aiming to accomplish. This should be decreased to a minimum, and it will result in a more organized workflow for you, your team, and your mindset.

Come up with a systemic approach to your iterations, so not to over deliver with countless iterations that are getting you nowhere, and leads to the negative of staying organized while working. However, the problem here is that many of us, especially creative people in general, don’t like systems. We like to go beyond the lines and come up with new ways of doing things.

This is troublesome, yet also extremely beneficial. Instead of going beyond plans and systems for each project you seek out to finish, follow a generalized system and when absolutely necessary cross the lines with your iterations.

Iterate, continue and repeat.

What You Should Keep In Mind

When implementing a systemic, creative-first approach to staying organized while working, you should keep some things in mind to expand the effect it has on your work to the maximum ability.

Don’t Rely Too Much on Creativity

Take a creative first approach is helpful, but not the only answer. Remember to tackle things creatively, but also be mindful of how you are doing something affects your long term goals, projects, and organizations.

Put Your Tools Away

You may not be a woodworker or a repairman, but you still use tools. Remember to put them away right after you are finished with them. This including tools both as in software on your devices, as well as physical tools used on your desk.

Actually Use The Iteration List

The entire point of an iteration list, and keeping your project-to-project iterations to a minimum, is the fact you will actually complete a to-do item. When working on a specific task, keep your focus on that project and task, nothing else.

This will help you staying organized while working, and be abundantly clear you are taking a good approach to getting work done in an organized way.

Have a Physical Organization System

Not so creative and maybe not as clever as the others on this list, but you should probably have a neat physical system for your desk work. Choose a good desk with some organization, especially when it comes to wire management and device organization.