Tables are ingrained in our working environments. We base our work on it, store supplies on it, collaborate on them, among all the other tasks that come across our desks throughout the day. They’re simply a necessary tool to get things done. Many people go about their options and deciding factor all wrong, so here’s the top 5 mistakes that you’re making when choosing an office table.

1. You’re Focusing on Aesthetics

The look and pleasurable sight for both outsiders and insiders of your office is an important factor, but it’s not the most important one. In order for your team to get work done, accomplish projects, and deliver they need to be happy, comfortable, and most importantly healthy.

Unfortunately, ergonomics and comfort are often overlooked in exchange for the appearance in your space. Remember to consider how their equipment will fit on the desk both how deep the table is and length. A proper table should also have enough leg room and accommodate their height. Focus on how your team will be comfortable, and move from that starting point.

2. Failing the Storage

Each table is going to need varying degrees of storage availability. Conference tables will need electrical outlets for devices, a place for wires, and room for multiple people as well as equipment. Specific team members like accountants, will most presumably need more room for storing paper-based documents and stationery. Keep fundamentals in mind that will keep a table both organized and properly functional.

3. You’re Getting the Material All Wrong

Most would say the material is all about the durability, however, this is not the only case. The material should be taken into consideration with the appropriate look in a particular use case, as well as varying maintenance cases.

Consider choosing an elegant design glass table for the reception to welcome your visitors with a sleek glass look that will convey wealth and cleanliness. Wood tables are easier to keep clean and have a sophisticated look, while metal tables are abundantly easy to keep clean yet are generally not as aesthetically pleasing.

4. Not Considering Technology

With the demand of internet based business, business essentially runs on technology. Oftentimes, we fail to remember the extras that come with working with technology in a workspace especially for tables.

Don’t neglect the need for wire management, charging, monitors, keyboards, and all the other technology your team needs to work. Offices need to keep their spaces organized regardless of how many wires and tech equipment they use.

5. You’re Choosing Low Quality

At the end of the day, a table needs to have the utmost build quality. Without a quality office table, the hardcore pressures of everyday heavy use the table will not last long. This will ultimately cost you unnecessary resources with the time needed for ordering and setting up a new table, as well as the initial cost of purchasing a new table and an employee’s time for dealing with said loss.

Choose high-quality office table that is not only built well but also offer warranties. Remember the rest of these factors in deciding on a table, and you’ll be investing in a high reward tool for achieving successful work.