When it comes to looking for the perfect solution for privacy and saving space, we have the ideal Answer! The answer is the ANSWER! It is the perfect solution for each office space. With tons of perks and setup options, why wait to bring this to your workspace?

The Answer can help bring colleagues together, while still providing individual workstations. Each can be customized according to the need of each person. Each segment of the Answer family brings more functionality, and superb technology to the table.

Customize and Organize The Workspace

Every station has a different need. Some are going to require more access to electrical outlets, while others are going to require one or two desks. With the dynamics in work changing, it makes sense that the dynamics of how office furniture operates as well. The Answer family has everything you need to bring these needs to reality.

  • Desks – from regular desks to height adjustable, the Answer Beam can help to define each space.
  • Storage Options – whether you are requiring integrated storage, or have a freestanding unit, the Answer beam can support both. The structuring also has the technology and electrical outlets, to support your needs.

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Meet the Answer Family

Steelcase has put a lot of thought into the future of work. Each piece that hits the designing board is put through a series of tests to ensure that it will stand the test of time. Additionally, each piece has to be able to adapt to any work environment. With the changes in the workspaces, collaboration is coming more prominent.

As the culture of the work areas becomes more nomadic, the entire family has put a lot of thought into how the future of work might change. The many different faces of the Answer products has made work just a little more exciting.

  • Beam – storage, privacy, and technology are all woven together with adjustability in mind. Arrange, change, and design for your unique space.
  • Fence – divide up the working space without giving up access to colleagues and technology! Create open plans, while keeping productivity on the forefront.
  • Panels – Divide and create separate workstations while still enabling collaboration. Move the panels as workplaces change, and keep the office moving! With the ability to move and change as the office needs shift, discover new layouts as often as you want!

Bring the Answer Family To Your Office Today

Find the perfect resolution for your offices today.  We look forward to watching your office transform with these fabulous products from Steelcase. Come and visit us at one of our two locations, in Little Rock, Arkansas or Memphis, Tennessee. You can also contact us via our website, and request a quote.

We look forward to helping you achieve the most out of your unique workspaces. Our talented staff stands ready to support you through each step of the process! Get started with us today!