Analytics is one of the most essential things that need to be monitored in the workplace each day. It is easy to dismiss this piece of information, as “just a bunch of numbers.” But analytics is much more than just numbers. It is a process that can help adjust and increase processes and productivity as well.

When it comes to wanting to find out what kind of traffic you are getting, from your website to the store, then you need to look at analytics. Measuring how the office is performing, as well as getting the most out of what you are doing is critical to keeping everything running smoothly.

Why Analytics Make Sense

Analytics is more than just monitoring the numbers on social media. While it is essential to monitor your social media and the effect it is having on potential clients, there is more to these numbers than impressions. Are you seeing more foot traffic in your business? Have more people been tagging your business as the places they have visited? Are they visiting your website?

There are numerous questions that can be asked when it comes to analytics. But, when it comes to applying them to your workplaces, then there is a real win.

Monitoring the way your office runs might not be a way that you have considered using analytics. However, by doing this, you can find the most and least used places. What time of day is busiest in certain locations. Best of all, you can monitor the output of employees.

Yes, you heard that right, get real-time numbers on the productivity, and usage of the office areas. The Workplace Advisor gives you information as you need it throughout the day. Whether you check once a day or fifteen times, the numbers will reflect the usage of the space that your company occupies.

Become acquainted with the Workplace Advisor here:

Getting The Most Out Of Your Analytics

Now, the question that you might be asking is, “how is this going to help me?” Well, it’s simple – get more from your space and employees. If a certain area is not being used as often, designate it for another purpose. For employees who are more productive than others, incentives are perfect to watch productivity rise in other areas, as well as rewarding those whose productivity is high.

By analyzing and monitoring areas, it can give a better idea of processes that need changing, or areas that could see an increase in workflow.

Get rid of space that is not being utilized to its full potential, and watch as the working space you have is reorganized with ease.

Incorporating the Workplace Advisor allows for the monitoring of each space. It is a simple installation, but one that will have far-reaching, and very rewarding effects.

  • Timelines, charts, and tables allow the usage of spaces to be monitored. See how often space is in use, or how often it sits empty.
  • Easily trackable trends and patterns are available at any time for project managers and team leads to monitor.
  • Accurate data – while these are based on algorithms within the office, the numbers are true and allow for visible and easy to understand information.
  • Gain access to the dashboard at any time, from anywhere. Monitoring progress is crucial, so having access to data no matter where one might be working is essential.

Get started With The Workplace Advisor Today

Analytics is not something to be taken lightly. They can be applied to any part of the working day. Now that you have seen how easy it is to monitor and maintain, why not give the WorkPlace Advisor a try in your office. Our team is standing by to answer any questions that you might have. Visit one of our showrooms, or contact us today to get a quote! We look forward to helping you achieve the full potential of your workspace.