Storage options never looked so fabulous! When it comes to keeping workplaces organized, storage can be a major headache. Depot makes finding the right choices easy. A style that fits within the structure of each office and durability are critical. Steelcase continues to deliver outstanding pieces.

No one wants to be limited in the options when it comes to adding storage space to the work areas. It is, after all, a vital part of keeping places organized, and productive. With the Depot by Turnstone, storage just got a facelift!

Depot Allows For Versatility

Whenever you are working in an office setting, versatility is the name of the game. Not everyone has a private office, that can be set up according to the needs of one person. When you are working in the bullpen, it is easy to feel as though there is not enough room. Well, this storage unitĀ offers more than one option depending on immediate and future needs.

  • Depot 1-high bookcase – use for single or shared spaces with smaller storage needs.
  • Big Depot 2-high bookcase – with two levels, this is perfect for smaller spaces and shared locations.
  • Bigger Depot 3-high bookcase – this stands 42 inches tall and allows for more storage space. This piece is ideal for shared spaces. Use the Bigger Depot as well for common areas, to showcase awards and other notable items for your company.

There are many different ways to use Depot storage pieces. When sharing space, it can be challenging to work around different items. However, some features make this excellent for shareable areas.

  • Sturdy, yet lightweight
  • Top level rotates 180-degrees
  • Adjustable glides to steady the Depot on uneven floors

Triple The Storage Power With Depot

Regardless of what option you go with, the storage options with Depot are limitless. Gain the most out of your valuable space with storage that works for you. Additionally, when you are sharing spaces, having enough room for each person is paramount to success. Use the storage to keep documents, books, and other items needed to be productive during the workday. Your time is valuable, and so is the space that you are working in daily. Instead of upgrading to larger areas, triple the storage options in the shared workspaces.

With the Bigger Depot 3-high bookcase, the power of storage is at your fingertips! Whether you choose the 1-high, 2-high, or 3-high bookcases, storage will no longer be a worry, and it will look fabulous with the furniture already located within your workspaces.

Bring Depot To Your Work Area Today

Steelcase understands that your time is valuable. Each order placed comes in one convenient delivery, allowing for less downtime. With easy setup and reliable crews, each piece comes with the Steelcase guarantee. We look forward to helping you with your storage needs! Give us a call today, request a quote online, or stop by one of our two showrooms to view the options that are available to you. Our knowledgable staff is standing by to answer all of your questions, and assist you from start to finish. Discover the power of storageĀ today!